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From: Michael J. Church, Exec. Dir.
Subject: Hurricane Assistance

Note: Please forward to all PD organizations

Attention all advocates! Hurricane Katrina has delivered a disastrous blow on Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The aftermath of this storm has left thousands of people homeless and without food or water. Many area hospitals are short medical supplies and are having to relocate patients to other states.

It is hereby the decision of our board that Movers and Shakers,Inc. is hereby pledging any support it can to assist in the needs of those with Parkinson's Disease in those affected areas. We are working with the American Red Cross in providing assistance and have been instructed that their biggest need currently is financial. They could not at this time, identify specific PD related needs, due to the continuous search and rescue efforts. They have listed Movers and Shakers as a care and relief effort provider, but could not guarantee that PD related needs could be isolated.

We want to encourage anyone who is able to provide financial assistance to all those in need, contact your local Red Cross or call the American Red Cross (202) 303-4498 or log on to and help support the relief effort.

We have been in contact with our Alabama Advocates and know that other PD Organizations are helping in the relief effort also. If you hear or know of anyone in these areas that has a PD related need, such as:

unable to fill prescription medication
medical equipment needs (i.e., scooter batteries, wheel chairs, walkers, canes)
food, water, housing
medical treatment

please contact us or the National Red Cross and provide the following info.:

Full name of person needing assistance.
Time and date of contact with person.
Last known location.(also a call back # in the event the assisting agency needs more info.)
Type of need requested.

This disaster is unprecedented in so much that, never have we seen so much wide spread destruction and loss of life from a hurricane in history. It is going to take a long time to recover and rebuild. Our sympathies go out to the friends and families of all those affected by the hurricane. Movers and Shakers, Inc. extends the invitation to all PD groups and organizations to assist with this effort and truly support the PD community in their time of need. May God Bless us all and to all, God Bless!

Michael J. Church
Executive Director

15275 COLLIER BLVD. #201 - BOX 151 - NAPLES, FL 34119

For a listing of support groups or to locate a representative near you contact us or go to our website at


If you know anyone who needs our help who has PD or someone in affected family with PD...
OR you would like to volunteer to assist us with our relief efforts please contact us at
TO give to the hurricane relief fund vist


Gretchen, Have anyone with a pick-up truck stepped forward? The items i have (had) are dwindling. They are in my ex-wives garage. She has already given away a couch, tv, lamps, and misc. It would behoove us to move it soon. Give me an idea where in houston its going (address?).