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medical alert jewelry - it isn't UGLY anymore!

Subject: medical id jewelry - it isn't UGLY anymore!

Body: i am amazed at how many pd patients i have met who wear NO kind of medical
alert! with the new hippa laws, emergency medical people can no longer
open your purse, wallet or glove box to find medical data, so it seems
more important than ever to wear some kind of id which gives them
permission to access your medical information. i always wear a bracelet
and a necklace which have: my name, "parkinsons", "depression" , "see
wallet card" and "dnr." some of my bracelets [non-medical] are simply
engraved with "parkinsons", some with "see wallet card." THEN be sure
that you have a wallet card in your wallet, clipped to car visor, in glove
box, on refrigerator, taped to bed and posted inside by front door.
in my search for good looking yet affordable jewelry, i found "Sticky J
Jewelry", which has the most unusual medical id items PLUS a "zillion"
interesting and different styles of necklaces and bracelets which can be
engraved. visit sticky j and see for yourself how your id can be stylish
as well as informative! Sticky Jewelry offers a wide range of medical id
bracelets in all price ranges. Plus, they can engrave the medical
emergency symbol on any of their fashionable men's bracelets or women's
bracelets to create a unique medical id bracelet. Check out
Medical ID Bracelets
at Sticky Jewelry to learn more.
with tasteful
jewelry, you can still look stylish while having the security of medical

Re: medical alert jewelry - it isn't UGLY anymore!

In my experience, I've found that giving my elderly parents their own medical alert services at least gave me peace of mind in the moments that I was not able to be there for them. That way, they could get emergency help if needed, just by pushing a button and nothing else. Anyways, I find every little bit helps. Best of luck to everyone in their search.