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advocate for YOURSELF! send $5 to Team Parkinson

how many times have you said - or heard - "i wish THEY would hurry up and find a CURE!"

w-h-o are THEY? the medical community? our legislators? the big pd foundations? the rich and the famous?

have you ever thought that WE are "THEY"? we are the ones suffering from pd, we are the ones whose lives will be cut short, who will have to experience all of the pain and indignities of this unstoppable disease.

let's not wait on "them" to do their magic...let's do it ourselves. i'm confident each and every one of us can come up with five bucks for research. no, i didn't say 500 dollars! just FIVE dollars.

right now is the time to send your $5 donation to TEAM PARKINSON, where 100% of the funds collected go straight to research. Gretchen Garie, Queen of Quite a Lot, has a team forming for the NEW YORK MARATHON.

on the west coast, look for the sacramento international marathon maraFUNrun, 12/04/05, team SERINDIPITOUS SHAKERS.

after you donate your $5, i bet you'll feel good at being a part of the solution. so, while you are feeling so jazzed, find 5 people to send $5 and ask each of them to find 5 people to send $5. and so on.

we can't depend on "THEM" to change our world! we have to depend on ourselves. be your own advocate! your $5 donation could be the one that changes our future! it's not much money to send but if we ALL send it and get our families, friends, club and church members to do the same, we will know that WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

come on, gimme FIVE!

Re: advocate for YOURSELF! send $5 to Team Parkinson

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