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hi friends

hello everyone,
I havent posted for a while - things are good here in Northern Ireland - although it looks like I may become one of you lot before long. I met a guy on the net over a year ago (music site) and finally bit the bullet and flew to Dallas on christmas eve with Lucy - my 6 yr old daughter - spent two fantastic weeks with him (Jeff) and his two children (Taylor 15 and McKenna 9) - I know he is right for me and after a disasterous 7 yr marriage - which ended in my divorce in November - I am ready to start again. Jeff is learning about pd and how I ccope with it (although he sometimes finds my coping mechanisms quite strange) - and is doing a brilliant job in supporting me. He's not over sympathetic but knows when to back off and let me do my thing - and also he can tell better than I can when I need to rest and take a step back and he's not behind the door in telling me to go lie down. If all goes to plan I will move to Dallas in July this year.
I need to know about insurance etc and my meds - mirapex, azilect and cabergoline and also need to get some contacts for a neurologist. If anyone can give me any advice I'd appreciate it.
Michael, if u read this - don't forget to send me some promo items for distribution here in donaghadee, northern ireland. People will support yopd because of me having it and will be glad to promote Movers over here.
Meantime - keep well y'all ( ha ha - gone all texan already)
God Bless