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I am a 74 yr old great grandmother with parkinsons. I have been through most of the sites associated with parkinsons, and notice it is still being called a disease. parkinsons is NOT a disease, it is a condition. The UK official site has deleted that word and is now. known as Disease is a terrible way to describe our condition. i really think this should be done legally as i for one find it offensive
what do other people feel about this.

Re: Parkinsons

I think it should actually be called a syndrome. It is really that. A disease implies only one area of the body is affected where as a syndrome more areas are affected. I think that at this point if we try to lessen the blow of what it really is..... It could cause some people to take a lighter view of it and not take funding the research so desperately needed for better treatments.

As someone who was diagnosed at 33. It has been a hard pill to swallow.

Gretchen Church
Co-Founder Movers & Shakers

Re: Parkinsons

I am so sorry u have parkinsons at such a young age. You mention people wont take it seriously if the word disease was disregarded.... I think people are very aware of this condition, especially now that quite a few celebrities have made it public knowledge that they also have it. They also know that it is a very cruel condition. However, I wish you well and hope hope they find some miracle drug before too long. Best wishes to all who are going through this horrible condition, syndrome, whatever u prefer to call it. Anything except disease.... makes one feel unclean.