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I go through life day by day hoping my wife would look my way.
I lay in bed longing for her touch and thinking to myself am I expecting to much.
I wake up at night and cant go back to sleep, so I gaze at my wife and admire her beauty while she sleeps
I walk through the house in the dark and cold as tears fill my eyes I wish I had my wife to hold.
I try to express to her the way I feel but all I get is a strange look and a voice saying are you for real.
I tell her I wish she could be a man for just one day so she could feel the testosterone race through her veins.
I am not perfect and I’ve made my mistakes and they race through my mind almost everyday.
I tell my wife she is the only medicine that I need and she looks down her nose and says don’t place all the blame on me.
I think my wife is very beautiful and sexy indeed and when I see her my heart skips a beat.
I sometimes awake and sit in the hallway leading to the back door and cry my eyes out because I cant handle much more
The few times my wife touches me it sends a jolt of electricity running through me ,this feeling energizes my heart and soul and gives me a reason to keep fighting on
I try to think of ways to get my wife interested in me and I’ve gotten so desperate that I offered her money
I get told by her that she is not a slut and money cant buy her feelings and touch
I wish I had the answer to all of these things that bother me because they are slowly wearing me down and killing me
I tell her that I would give my life to keep her out of harms way but if I get sick would she just toss me away
I say these things and Im not wanting your pity, just trying to keep other people from experiencing my misery
So when you go to sleep tonight just look over at your husband or wife and tell them you love them and kiss them good night.

Re: How I FEEL

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