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Looking for some cool activities for my dad...

My dad is in the later stages of Parkinson's. Before the disease he was always extremely active and adventurous but the effects have became more severe now and limits much activity. Like my father I am a big thrill seeker and I am going sky diving this spring. He mentioned he wished he had done that but I called around and since he is 15 years in the disease they did not recommend it Are there any activities you can recommend for him? That might be a bit thrilling still for him?



Re: Looking for some cool activities for my dad...

My mum is 17 yearsish into her parkinsons and she has a crack at a lot of things!. She had a great time on one of those giant swings where they hoist you high up into the air. Or what about rollercoasters? 4 wheel driving? Diving? Snorkelling? Rally driving as a passenger?