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Uninstall, Install, Download and Activate

MS Office suite is used by many people on different devices like on computers, laptops, Android Phones, IOS, etc. This complete suite helps the user to do their work conveniently. Every program has its own features like in Word is used for text document, Excel is used for analyzing data, and Power Point is for presentation. You can easily download, install, and activate MS Office by just visiting to its site

Uninstall the Previous Software:
Steps to uninstall the previous software:

  1. First, open the start option.

  2. Then tap on the control panel option.

  3. Then search the software which you want to remove from the computer.

  4. Then you will see the new tab displaying on the screen.

  5. Select the software and right click on it.

  6. After this, tap on the uninstall this program option.

  7. Then it will take very few minutes to remove that program from the computer.

  8. After completing the uninstall process, shut down the uninstall window.

  9. Then you need to reboot the system.

Download Microsoft Office Setup:
The steps to download Microsoft Office Setup:

  1. First open the web browser then go to the MS Office site i.e.

  2. Then sign in to the MS Office account.

  3. Then type the email address and password for login.

  4. If you don’t have the account then creates a new account for MS Office.

  5. Tap the download button to begin the downloading process of Microsoft Office.

  6. Then choose the suitable option for installing.

  7. Choose the language from the drop down list.

  8. Click on the “download” button again.

  9. Let the download procedure completed on the computer.

Install Microsoft Office Setup:
Steps for installing Microsoft Office set up:

  1. First, press on the download folder where the Microsoft Office setup is downloaded.

  2. Then double click on the downloaded Microsoft Office setup.

  3. Microsoft Office installation procedure will begin on the selected folder.

  4. Then tap on the Agree option, once you read all the instruction.

  5. After this go through the guidelines for driving the installation process.

  6. Then click on the finish option, so that it can complete the installation process.

  7. Microsoft Office is successfully installed, now follow the activation process.

Activate Microsoft Office Setup:
Steps for activating Microsoft Office setup:

  1. First go to the Microsoft Office application which you have already downloaded and installed on your computer.

  2. Accept the terms and condition for activating Microsoft Office Setup.

  3. Click on the Activate option.

  4. Enter the 25 digit alphanumeric product key code for activation.

  5. After activating tap on the close option.