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The Best Jobs for Trade School Graduates

If you want to make a decent living, education is key. Very few jobs requiring only a high school diploma earn more than $35,000 per year, and many of those occupations are declining. However, not everyone wants to go to college for four years after graduation – and not everyone can afford the price tag that comes with a bachelor’s degree.

The good news is that education doesn’t always have to come in the form of a four-year degree. Many high-paying, fast-growing jobs are accessible to workers with an associate degree, post-secondary award, certification, or apprenticeship. Investing in trade school could be the best possible move for your career. These are the highest paying trade-school jobs with a solid occupational outlook.

Elevator mechanics, installers, and repairers have a good occupational outlook and high earning potential. The job includes installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators, elevator doors, cables, and control systems, escalators, moving walkways, and lifts. If you’re cool under pressure and good with your hands (and power tools) this might be the perfect career for you.

Re: The Best Jobs for Trade School Graduates

In my opinion, the most relevant and prestigious work is the teacher. The profession is always necessary, although they say they pay little, it’s not true that the teachers earn decently, and not only enough for food, but you will also go abroad, it’s already looking at how to work. A teacher profession is necessary, they write "a doctor is an ideal profession because people born in other professions are born thanks to him," I don’t agree, it was the teachers who taught the doctors and taught everything. Make the right choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S A miracle is required from teachers, and if a miracle happens, no one is surprised. Well, that's the way. Maybe I can observe here what they offer, what courses are and all that. And then the teacher is also a big responsibility (