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Skydiving Accident! Please Help

PLEASE READ AND HELP! On July 28, 2004 Joan Marie Meadow had a skydiving accident at Skydive Monroe near Atlanta. Joan was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where she remains in critical condition. Joan has cracked vertabrae in her neck and back, broken pelvis and hip, most of her front teeth are broken out, and most of her ribs are broken. Joan is not responding to any stimuli. We expect her to come around but she has no health insurance. She is a single mom with 2 wonderful girls ages 3 and 7. We need to help her! We must help her maintain the mortgage of her Gainesville, Ga. home and support these children who probably will be living with her brother's family in Athens, Ga. My name is Charles Pharr. I made the skydive with Joan. We made a big mistake. I was beaten up but she is paying dearly. Joan has been a friend of mine for 11 years as well as a faithful employee. She is a wonderful mother whose children thrive under her. She does volunteer work with her church, her children's school and other areas.
Again she needs our help! I am starting a fund for her family to use to help her. Please, please, if you can. Just send a check for the amount of one jump or more to help her. Just one jump at least! Make checks or money orders payable to Joan Meadow Recovery Fund and deposit them at any BB & T or send to the address below. These checks will be put into her trust account and her family will use them to support her and her children.
Please contact me personally with any questions. My name is Charles Pharr Jr. Thanks so much for your help! I assure you, all funds will go to Joan and her family!
cell 770-540-1939
home 770-534-0909
office 770-534-6611

Please send funds to:
Joan Meadow RecoveryFund
c/o Brand Bank & Trust
PO Box 2342
Gainesville, Ga 30503