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16 year old skydiving places

Does any one know of a skydiving place in the midwest,
like around illinois that allowes 16 year olds to jump?

Re: 16 year old skydiving places

hey well i am only 16 and i skydive all the time! sorry but you have to be in australia if you want to do it i think. in australia you have to be 14 to do a tandem and then 16 to do AFF, but with a parents permission.
so i jump quite a bit, sorry to hear you are grounded, but you only have a few years until you can do it, there is no point coming to australia unless you were thinking about coming over here anyway! Then it would be an incentive to come!
oh well, you can save your money so that after your first jump, you can keep jumping... trust me, you will want to, it is the best feeling!


Re: 16 year old skydiving places

You don't have to go to Australia, In Mexico you can do it:

Blue skies

Re: 16 year old skydiving places

the minimum age requarement in skydiving is 14 year only.