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Desperately looking for David from Argentina!!

I need to get in contact with David DiFelipo (not sure of his last name). I have some URGENT information for him. I met him last week at the WFFC. He hung out in tent 2 and I know he jumped a Sabre 150 that he sold at the convention. He has very long black hair and greenish brown eyes. He sometimes wore a blue bandana. I believe he lives in Asheville, NC and works as a cheif at a retirement community. He jumps at a DZ in SC, I think (maybe Skydive Carolina). If anyone knows anything about him please e-mail me at If anyone can help me locate and contact him, we would be greatly appreciative. It is imperative that I get this info to him ASAP.

Thanks and blue skies to you all!!
Dale Lee Achenbach