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Re: Student Cutaway

wow...respect to the student!

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Something happened last weekend that I thought was worth

sharing...first of all we DO have RSLs on all our student

canopies, but we do not tell them this, in case it does not

work...we train the pull cutaway, pull reserve handle way. We

also have BOC's on all student rigs. Anyhow, a girl had done the

tandem program and was now on her second AFF with me...the plan

was for me to hold on to her until we got flat and stable then

let her go and her to stay stable and perform her three practice

pulls. Before we boarded the aircraft I checked her over

everything looked good, we climb up to altitude and got out

right over the airport at 12,000ft. Exit went good, and she was

stable and relaxed, as soon as I let her go her pin dislodged,

opened up the container, and caused a horseshoe malfunction. She

looked up and back and noticed something was wrong, she very

quickly but calmly reached back and threw out her pilot chute,

which did nothing...she then cutaway, while staying calm and

relaxed. The RSL did not work!! She then checked her altitude

which was about 9,000, she looked at me shrugged her shoulders,

and started her three practice pulls, but each time putting her

hands on the reserve handle. She pulled at 5,000ft. as planned,

and the reserve opened smoothly...I myself could not have

remained that calm in this situation, let alone a 2nd jump AFF

student...I was amazed at her being able to think so straight at

this scary time...needless to say I moved her on to level 3....