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What’s the minimum footage for base Jumping

I'm just starting out on skydiving.. Soon I will be doing base.. I'm hoping by next june. Now there's a tower over here that's 400 feet high from the resturant floor..Already checked it out and there's lots of landing space. It's not the one on this link ( HEHE)........

Cuz that might be ilegal to plan this jump But

I just wanna know if A guy starts base jumping if this would be a good Jump or not... And what's the least amount of footage a jump can be made from? I know there different Chute packing for different heights and that. (I will learn all that in time) Any ways.. If you know any answers please reply.. Cuz there is an antenna here that's 220' also..

So I could have my b and my a So All I would need is my s that would be bridge day and my e... So reply and let me start planning this. After I get my 150 jumps (skydiving) I'm going for lessons on base jumping.. I should have 150 by end of sept. of this year... L8ER and thanks for the help/.