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Re: DZ in Belgium?????????

Hello, all dropzones I now are:

CERP de Namur

Rue Capitaine Jacquet

5020 Suarlee

Tel.: +32-81-566802

only weekend

Paracentrum Vlaanderen

Vliegveld Schaffen

Nieuwe Dijkstraat 77

3290 Diest (Schaffen)

Tel.: +32-13-337543


Skydive Center Spa

Route de la Sauveniere

4900 Spa / Belgien


Joachim Müller

Tel.: +49-24-478 118

Fax: +49-24-478 118


Please check the information also by yourself. I javen't been there for a longer time. There are a few more dropzones but more far away.

Have fun, Bastian

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Replying to:

Are there any skydivers from Belgium???

I am here till the end of September and I would really like to jump on the dropzone which is not extremely far from Brussels. But all the websites are in French, so that I cannot figure out where it is better to go

Please, if you are a Belgian skydiver, could you give me some tips on your dropzones???????????????