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The Story of Carlo GIULIANI and Hannes WESTBERG; "Expan-Zional"...

The Story of Carlo GIULIANI and Hannes WESTBERG; "Expan-Zional"...

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- What is the difference between Hannes Westberg, Carlo Giuliani and Jurij

Katsin? - The last one is Jew, came from Tel Aviv and never criticized this

bourgeoisie system, he only used the "terror methodes" at central station of

Stockholm and kidnapped two poor staff at Forex... Hannes and Carlo were the

activists, like many other victims, been never supporter of the Zionist lobbies

but insisted to use the demonstrative rights against the official robbery


- ?!


- Emancipate your enemy?!

- If the Life should be only a film!... - Do you now the story of Carlo

and Hannes? - Maybe I have already only my version, but I would like toi

hear your version, too! - Carlo Giuliani was a young man killed by another

young man: a conscript policeman who was travelling in a vehicle which was being

attacked by protesters during the G8 protests in Genoa. In so many ways his

death was inevitable – not the death of him personally, but of one or more

protesters taking part in mass and chaotic action against the dominant political

and economic institutions, set against the repressive and violent response of

the forces of "law and order". This is not to ignore or condone the sometimes

random and violent actions of some activists and police infiltrators. The

expressions on the faces of the police who witnessed Carlo Giuliani's death

should remind us of their intrinsic humanity, and that no-one should be on the

receiving end of a rock, a petrol bomb, or a fist. However, this "violent

'anarchist' thuggery" – as it has been described – shouldn't divert us from the

massive, overwhelming violence that millions of people experience as a

consequence of modern capitalism, hand in hand with militarism. It was the issue

the majority of protesters travelled to Genoa to protest about.

- Brutality for the majority...

- Only a few months back, activists were shot with live rounds in protests in

Gotheburg, Sweden, and over the past three years thousands of protesters have

experienced violence at the hands of the police. Reports of ill-treatment while

in custody have been particularly horrific in Italy, but are a common feature of

the detention experiences of many activists. In a public statement, one

British-based activist has given a chilling account of his four days in custody,

detailing beatings, sleep-deprivation, verbal abuse, ritual humiliation and

intimidation: "Later on I heard this woman shouting 'please help me, please help

me' over and over. This was torture, it was psychological and physical warfare.

"I was hit in the face when the police were strip searching me, it was an

open-handed blow. Dan [his seriously injured friend] said it was important to

scream when the police hit you in order to deflect them from beating you

further." The death of Carlo Giuliani is tragic, he was a human being – and all

life is precious. But he is, in the end, just one person. His death may be

symbolic, but he is no more a martyr than everyone else who experiences violence

or is killed at the hands of a state.

- What exists for us?

- If the death of one western protester upsets you, think of the hundreds of

thousands standing behind him, often living in misery and usually dying quietly

– a consequence of the outright theft and exploitation of their physical and

human resources. The contrast between the coverage of Carlo's death and the

regularity of deaths, disappearances and torture of activists around the world

is stark. Just weeks before the G8 meeting in Genoa three activists were killed,

and thirteen injured, by police at an anti-IMF student protest in Papua New

Guinea; the public response to their deaths has been negligible in comparison.

Are their lives of less value just because their deaths were not beamed into the

homes of millions across the world? Is it because white skin is valued more? Or,

on a more philosophical level, is it just that what we fail to see fails to

exist for us?

- Hope in humanity

- One aspect of the Papua protests that has been reported even less than the

killings, is the response of some soldiers from the Papua New Guinea Defence

Force. Australia's grassroots socialist campaigning magazine, Green Left Weekly,

reports that the student activists received some support from the Papua military

after protesters marched on military barracks, asking soldiers to join them.

According to GLW, army commanders were unable to "prevent a group of at least 60

soldiers marching in uniform in sympathy with the dead students" adding that "if

protests continue and the army are mobilised to put them down, major defections

could be likely". It is in reports like these that we should see hope: hope that

"our enemy" really can become our ally. Soldiers in Papua, like the Carabinieri

in Italy, and like all those people who either choose or are forced into

occupying roles where they become the functionaries of a violent state, have,

like the rest of us, the capacity to change their values and their behaviour. It

is in all of our interests to help them on that journey towards emancipation and

to enable them to join us in working towards nonviolent revolution.

- Creating our future...

- Each day in the so-called "developing" world, 30,500 children alone, die from

preventable diseases such as diarrhoea, acute respiratory infections or malaria.

Malnutrition is associated with over half of those deaths. And that's besides

deaths resulting from HIV infection or conflict. If we had the courage to create

a different world, that wouldn't be a daily fact. If you do pause to think about

Carlo Giuliani, in him, see the rest.

- We try to see, although the human enemies don't allowe...


- Activist Hannes Westberg, born 14th of October 1981 in Gothenburg, is still in

intensive care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. Social

democratic tabloid Aftonbladet in Stockholm has this Tuesday been in contact

with a leading physician at the intensive care station, Docent and MD Stefan


- Stefan Lundin tells radio FM Independent Laponia: During the last three days

Hannes has received more than 100 litres of donated blood. But apart from that

Hannes is in a better shape now and things are going the right way. It is

difficult to establish any contact with Hannes at this moment. He has moved his

fingers and opened his eyes for short moments, but he´s asleep most of the time.

That´s because he´s receiving painkillers, high doses of analgesics and

soporifics on top of that.

- Stefan Lundin says Hannes has been lucky to manage a very difficult shot wound


- The aorta and liver were damaged and have been repaired. Hannes has been in

surgery two times and one doctor I talked to myself spoke of colleagues

operating on Hannes for ten hours. His spleen was also damaged and one kidney

was beyond repair and had to be removed. During conversation with syndicalistic

newspaper Arbetaren (The Worker) last Tuesday evening, Lundin explained that no

brain damage had been observed in spite of the great loss of blood.

- Hannes was shot by a SIG Sauer P 225, Caliber 9 mm Parabellum pistol. He took

the hit in his trunk, facing police. The bullet tumbled in his body before

making an exit through his back. After turning away from the police, pictures

show Hannes with hand itching his back. An exit wound hurts.

- Identity and family relations...

- The identity and name of Hannes Westberg are now confirmed. Hannes is the

youngest child and only son of Professor MD Gunnar Westberg, a kidney

specialist, born 1938 in Sundsvall, and his wife Ann-Mari, a physiotherapist,

born 1941 in Karlskrona. Hannes has completed high school at Schillerska

gymnasiet and is currently employed by a transport company in Gothenburg,

according to a co-worker of his talking to Hannes still lives with

his parents in Änggården, a calm and very nice residential district in

Gothenburg. The residence of Professor MD and Nobel Laureate Arvid Carlsson,

also in Änggården, is only a few houses away.

- The grandfather of Hannes, Bernhard Westberg, born 1890 in Umeå

landsförsamling, was a priest in the Swedish Church, vicar for the parish of

Attmar and then the parish of Alnö, both near Sundsvall in the north of SvekJa.

- According to Jewish lobbies' provocative newspaper Expressen, Hannes himself

has shown interest in Hinduism. Other one Zionist paper DN had additional

propagand also describes Hannes as a vegan, feminist and syndicalist.

- Not revulitionary anti-Imperialist?

- No!..

- Family ties? Immigrant? Laponians?

- No!.. The father of Hannes mother, Bo Skårman, born 1908 in Svenljunga,

Älvsborgs län, was a member of the Swedish Parliament from the year of 1964.

- The parents of Hannes are old peace and human rights activists. Professor

Westberg is currently chairman of the Swedish Section of International

Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, IPPNW. The Swedish section has 5

000 members, consisting of doctors and students of medicine. In all, Sweden has

30 000 doctors practising medicine. On Thursday the 14th of June, the Swedish

Section of IPPNW ran an advertisement in the largest Swedish morning paper,

Dagens Nyheter (News of the Day). It was the day of the visit of US President

George W Bush and the advertisement carried the heading: "Welcome Mr.

President!". The day after, on Friday 15th, the son of IPPNW Chairman Professor

Westberg was shot.

- During some days after Hannes being shot, white ribbons with his name on them

were placed on a tree at Vasaplatsen, close to the place of the shooting. People

are still putting flowers there. As the reporter from the Gothenburg tabloid GT

was visiting, flowers were at the root of the tree, accompanied by almost

unavoidable empty cans of beer.

- Upcoming prosecutions?

- The police declares that they are going to press charges against Hannes

Westberg. But they´ll wait until Hannes has recovered.

- A second person wounded by a police bullet in Gothenburg was a German boy,

also 19 years old. Police had him on video where they saw him limping around

after they shot him through his foot or somewhere in the leg. The police had

very much to do but after a couple of days they took a decision to go to the

hospital, just to have a look. And there he was, the guy they were looking for,

hospitalized! Now this German boy is risking 4 years in jail for street rioting,

according to police spokesman. He´s still in hospital, but under police custody.

- One of the chief suspects in police custody in Goetheburg is British librarian

Paul Robertson, a 32-year old Londoner. He is suspected of being a riot leader.

See last link below!

- One 24-year old from Stockholm is suspected of being the megaphone riot ring

leader at Hvidfeldtska gymnasiet in Goetheburg. He is in the risk of receiving a

ten year long sentence, comments a daily in London.

- The printed megaphones of bourgeoisie is clever to use only one eye on such



- Halo, Lisa Westberg!.. Are you still on line? - Yes!... What is the

question!... - No question!... We wonder waht is up now in Goetheburg?

- Just a minut!... I hear better now... Yes!... With pleasure!... I am adressing

you as a proud sister of Hannes Westberg, the young man shot by Swedish police

at a Reclaim the Streets activity during the EU summit in Goetheburg, SvekJa

Kingdom.... Hannes is much better, and I am so glad to connectthrough eyes and

hand movements with his concerned, humerous spirit. Heseems to be on a good

mood, confident that he is back to this life, but isstill at the intesive care

unit and uses the respirator to breath. Onekidney and the spleen are permanently

destroyed and removed, but the healingproperties of a young body are great so

eerything shall be OK.A bullet through a young activists body and soul, through

the consciousnessof a self righteouss government, through the sweet dream of a

securesociety, and more - Sweden is abound with grief, blame, shame, sorrow.

Andwhat are the lessons to learn?I say, for example: The trigger was fear, the

target a perceived enenmy; thereal crime naivite': the police call their own

leaders "whitecollardoperagoers", the punishment: wake up! In uniform you are a

a professional, adefender of the people's rights! You shoot the people, you

shoot yourself.And also: Every cobblestone was a cobbletone thrown in my face.

The "blackones" covering their faces visiting from other countries helped me

lookmyself in the mirror.After an act of reconciliation on behalf of the family

to authorities andothers of trauma alike , I say it is time to do something.

First of all:Lets take it cool. Stress feeds the media feeding the hungry

fordistractions from the self and how we live our own lives. Lets join

Hannesinspiring efforts of coming back to life breath by breath. And so o I

want to be here?What purpose is a body?Can I receive this care? Can I receive

this nourishment?How deep is my breath? Is the air clean? What do I see?What can

I do with this arm? Can it stretch out to a sister, can I rest mytired head, can

I bring the water to my mouth?And this hand: can I open the fist, can I use the

pen to write a message,can I point to my heart to show where the pain is?Can

these legs bend down? Can they dance? Can they run?Am i strong enough to let the

doctors (police, politicians) out of my space?If not now, when?All this wihtout

a voice: image then what I can do if I could communicatewith spoken words!time

is god and all we have.And so from me: Good luck, and keep strong. a hail to

socialized medecineand modern science. Thank you. Lisa


- What is the comments on the other papers?

- No comment now!.. Only ordinary "police terror" on the West side...

"Activist shot by Swedish police is in critical condition: Vigil and press

conference called for Thursday in New York city, comments an american paper on

June 25, 2001

- Go on!..

- Hannes Westerberg was one of tens of thousands of activistswho gathered on the

Swedish island of Goteborg on June 14-16 to protest theSummit of the European

Union. Today the 19-year-old activist is lying incritical condition in a Swedish

hospital, having been shot by police who took repression against mass protests

to new heights by using live ammunition to "control" crowds who had come to

Goetheburg for the EU protests.Two other activists were critically injured as

well, but Westberg remains in hospital this week. He has been fighting for his

life, having lost an enormous amount of blood, and required two surgeries over

the weekend.The New York City Direct Action Network is calling for a vigil and

press conference to be held this Thursday, June 28th, from 12pm-2pm at

theSwedish Consulate, 885 Second Avenue at 47th Street. We will be protesting

the increasingly deadly escalation of violence against mass protest actionsby

authorities in both Europe and the US. Press are invited to come toobtain the

latest information about Westberg's condition and to hear statements from family

and friends.Westberg's father, Gunnar Westberg, is chair of Swedish Doctors

AgainstNuclear Weapons (SLMK), which had extended an invitation to Chief George

W. Bush - a speaker at the Goetheburg EU summit - to meet with themover

nuclear-related issues. His sister, Lisa, an artist and community activist in

New York City, has been with her brother since getting word that he was

shot.NYC-DAN is one of more than a dozen autonomous direct action networks in

the United States and Canada. We are taking the struggle for justice and direct

democracy to the streets by organizing and supporting direct actionsagainst

corporate and governmental oppressors. As part of the rising movement to combat

corporate globalization and bring about a more truly democratic society, we have

worked together with unions, activist groups and people of all backgrounds on

key actions including the recent protests against the Summit of the Americas in

Quebec City.

- Direct democracy by direct shots on people, what our authorities learned by

Big Brother...

- ?!


- Goetheburg one year on Anti-capitalist clampdown in SvekJa Kingdom... - I

wish to tell... Ye'!... The SvekJa Kingdom's police viciously attacked protests

against last year's EU Goetheburg summit. Now, 71 activists have been prosecuted

of whom 36 have received prison sentences ranging from eight months to

two-and-a-half years. No police officers have yet been prosecuted, despite them

shooting three demonstrators. Per Åke Westerlund of Rättvisepartiet

Socialisterna (CWI SvekJa Kingdom) explains the state's agenda and how it is

being countered. The events during and after the Goetheburg protests on 14-16

June 2001 showed some of the features of counter-revolution. The first gunshots

were fired against demonstrators since 1931 in SvekJa Kingdom; 1,100 people were

arrested; massive state propaganda portrayed the activists as 'terrorists'; and

those prosecuted were held in solitary confinement for months and received

custodial sentences ten times longer than usual.

- The police in Goetheburg(as one month later in Genoa, Italy) acted as if the

demonstrations were a threat to those in power. They arrested alleged

'saboteurs' days in advance. They claimed that demonstrators were armed and had

even fired shots. They expected police stations to be stormed and believed the

EU summit was in danger. Who painted this picture in the first place? The answer

is that it's the job of the police to protect those in power, and the

politicians were apparently extremely worried at the prospect of big

demonstrations in Goetheburg.

- The ruling class in SvekJa Kingdom reverted to its old traditions of state

violence to suppress a challenge. When the workers in Sundsvall organised the

first big strike in SvekJa Kingdom in 1879, the regional governor was terrified:

'God help us, it looks as if the International is here'. The fear of

international influences and organisation was the same in those days.

Sharpshooters and increased police patrols were used to intimidate workers in

Sundsvall. In the 1920s and 1930s the capitalists in SvekJa Kingdom and other

countries organised armed volunteer corps to protect strike breakers (in Germany

these developed into the Zionist financial Fascist lobbies). But it was the

army, rather than volunteers, who fired the shots which killed five workers in

Ådalen in 1931. After decades of slander against the workers' leaders and in

defence of the army, the real significance of the events in Ådalen was not

acknowledged by the social democratic labour movement until the radicalised

1960s and 1970s.

- Why the heavy police intervention in Goetheburg against demonstrations which

hardly posed a threat to state power? - Those prosecuted were

predominantly young people connected to anarchist circles. It should be seen in

its international context. One million people have participated in mass protests

outside capitalist summits following the World Trade Organisation meeting in

Seattle in November 1999. Many more worldwide supported the criticism of global

capitalism. The predominantly youthful anti-capitalist marches were and are an

anticipation of much bigger, more powerful workers' actions and even revolts.

This is a direct result of the neo-liberal policies pursued by governments all

over the globe in the last decade.

- Propaganda offensive?!..

- Ye'!.. Parallel to seeking a 'dialogue' with protest groups, governments

prepared tougher police responses to prevent demonstrations from disrupting the

meetings. Goetheburg was part of this pattern. Following Goetheburg, given that

pictures of burning barricades and smashed shop windows were used again and

again in the media, with references to 'war' and '90% support for the police',

the Swedish establishment seemed to win the propaganda campaign.

The social democrats in Goetheburg gave roses to the police. The Left Party

leadership concentrated on condemning the riots, not mentioning the police

brutality. The small Socialist Party (USFI) bent in the same direction amidst

this enormous slander campaign. In the first sentencing, which was then

duplicated in other cases, the court claimed that "the violent riots in

Goetheburg at the time of the summit were a brutal assault on the democratic

values of a constitutional state". "Policemen were forced to fire", the court

wrote in order to underline the violence of the demonstrators. This official

version, which from day one was challenged by Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI

SvekjJa Kingdom) and a handful of others, has subsequently collapsed.

In Norway, without the same pressure to defend its 'boys in blue', criticism has

been stronger even in official circles. "The blunt message", commented Thomas

Mathiesen, professor of law in Oslo, "was that one should think twice before

participating in political demonstrations". Five union leaders in Norway joined

the campaign in support of Gigi Longo, an Italian living in Oslo, who was

sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

The police violence in Goetheburg can be divided into at least four chapters:

the encirclement by hundreds of police of the Hvitfeldtska school/hostel; the

attack on the anti-capitalist march; the assault on Reclaim the City's festival;

and the storming of the Schillerska school/hostel. There were also a number of

other serious incidents.

The surrounding of Hvitfeldtska school, the day before the EU summit, was a

decisive event. The school provided accommodation for 450 demonstrators and was

the centre for the organising network. Hundreds of riot police encircled it,

using a ring of industrial containers. They claimed that violence was being

'prepared' and that threats had been made against police. When those inside

tried to break through police lines, they were accused of violent affray and the

order was given to arrest them all. These orders where issued by state

prosecutors from a command centre, not (as has since been claimed) by individual

police officers in the heat of the moment.

Most of those receiving prison sentences came from the protests at Hvitfeldtska.

But even in court the police propaganda was cut to pieces. The demonstrators had

'planned violence' – those encircled could hardly have planned to act against a

police attack no-one had foreseen. The demonstrators were violent – even the

police evaluation showed that there was no violence prior to the police

intervention. The demonstrators were armed – the police did not find a single

weapon after searching the school. The subsequent stone-throwing was a result of

the police attack.


- Political trials?!... - Definitely!... The aim of the trials – to

substantiate the police story and make a harsh example of the defendants – was

achieved by flagrant manipulation. Police officers who had never met the accused

gave testimony; newsreel videos were manipulated (one had a new soundtrack

dubbed on and contained 25 edits in a three-minute sequence); paving stones were

passed around as evidence in each trial even if the charges were not related to

stone-throwing. If the police or the court regarded the accused as a political

activist, as opposed to 'non-political', it resulted in a longer sentence.

- A 20-year-old was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for merely

waving at the Bush Not Welcome demo in a (completely unsuccessful) attempt to

draw attention to events at Hvitfeldtska and get the march to go there. He was

not accused of stone-throwing or vandalism and he denied waving. Rioting between

police and protesters was already going on when this man was arrested. The

police told the court that the 20-year-old had been under surveillance for weeks

prior to the demo, 'proving' he was involved in 'subversive activities'. His

lawyer was told that the police had no film of the events, which could have

helped in his defence. Yet, in later trials, the police produced film clips from

these same events.

- This 'waving' activist provided the only link between the demonstrations and

the 'information centre' which the police attacked the same day. In the first

trial against this 'centre', eight young people were each given three to four

years in prison for "inciting violent riots". The Court of Appeal later halved

their sentences, amending the charge to "assisting violent riots". The evidence

produced was extremely weak. From an apartment these youth had sent ten mobile

phone text messages to a maximum 62 recipients. Three of the messages were

"important" according to the court. But all were sent hours before the clashes

between police and activists outside Hvitfeldtska. The only person found by the

police to have received the messages was the 20 year-old 'waving' activist.

- This trial underlined the political character of the courts. The Court of

Appeal claimed that those sentenced had "similar ideological opinions and felt a

strong distrust towards the police", referring to books or leaflets found in

their houses. Anyone could register to get text messages from the information

centre, and its equipment consisted of one computer – despite police talk of an

"advanced and secret command centre". The purpose of the centre seems rather to

have been to warn demonstrators to avoid conflict with the police. It was

definitely not illegal.

- The Goetheburg trials resulted in a ten-fold increase in the length of prison

sentences for violent riot. Teenagers were given two to three years in prison,

longer than for neo-Nazis convicted of violent crimes (one to six months),

rapists or other real criminals. In Seattle the longest jail term was nine days,

compared to an average of one year and three months in Goetheburg's first 30

convictions. Among those now in prison is Hannes Westberg, the activist almost

killed by police when they tried to break up a peaceful Reclaim the Streets

party in a park. The policeman who fired the gunshots has been cleared.

- Criticism of the police and the courts has been growing since last summer. The

first demonstration against the courts was organised on the initiative of

Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, with others, in September. New books, TV

programmes and a new network have focused on the injustice of the legal


This has even been reflected by the High Court rulings late this spring. The

High Court tried to achieve some 'reconciliation', acting in a more neutral

manner than the lower court. It lowered the sentence of one activist from 20

months to four months, deciding that he could not be responsible for later

violent riots.

- Another concession is that four police officers have been charged for storming

the Schillerska school. Masked paramilitary police with automatic weapons

attacked the school. They forced people out of their sleeping bags and made them

lie face down in the schoolyard for more than an hour in pouring rain. The

police were violent, shouted abuse and threats, events chillingly repeated in

the bloody storming of a school by Italian police in Genoa one month later. The

trial of the police officers in Gothenburg is intended to improve the reputation

of the courts, but after a delay of almost a year it will not nearly be enough.

- More police resources, says now...

- It's right or maybe... The government's response to Goetheburg has been to

strengthen the repressive apparatus of the state. "Disturbances and violence of

the kind which took place in Goetheburg constitute a threat to democracy", the

government wrote in a new bill. "The police should have better capabilities to

manage situations like in Gothenburg", said the justice minister, Thomas

Bodström. In contrast to Genoa, no senior police officers were replaced. Of

course, the minister is the guiltiest person.

- The government hypocritically claimed that the violence prevented 'peaceful

demonstrations' when, in fact, the clashes never took place in the vicinity of

the demos. The stone-throwing was the spontaneous reaction of some anarchists

and a section of youth against the police violence. The truth is that the police

considered banning the biggest of the peaceful demos, with 20,000 participants

on the Saturday morning (16 June).

- The committee drawing up proposals for more resources and powers for the

police has not yet completed its work. Under discussion are proposals to ban the

wearing of masks on demonstrations, the use of emergency police forces, water

cannon and teargas. Tighter border controls is another proposal, linked to the

propaganda about 'foreign professional criminals' in the riots. Yet only four of

the 71 prosecuted in Gothenburg are non-Scandinavians.

- Two days after the Goetheburg summit, 25 top prosecutors from EU countries

held an emergency meeting in Stockholm. Their proposal was to give Europol (the

EU police) extended responsibilities to include surveillance of people planning

to disturb EU summits. In mid-July the ministers decided that suspects could be

banned from entering a summit country. New repressive EU laws had been planned

for some time, but the terrorist attacks in the US have been used to hasten this


- The new common arrest order means that decisions on extradition are made by

civil servants, not governments. No country can refuse a request for extradition

even if this concerns something which is not a crime in that country. Among the

categories covered by the new law are "participation in a criminal organisation,

terrorism and IT crimes". This opens the way for the toughest national laws to

become the norm within the EU. Extradition could apply for people hiding

refugees (a crime in France), or members of the Kurdish PKK (illegal in

Germany). And what about summit demonstrators or environmental activists? Are

they covered by the definition of terrorists? These questions were in focus at a

demonstration initiated by Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, outside the Riksdag

(Swedish parliament) in Stockholm in May.

- The EU anti-terrorism proposals refer to an "increase of violent actions in

connection to EU summits, perpetrated by uncontrollable elements among which

people belonging to terrorist organisations have been discovered". The state

repression in and after Gothenburg is part of this EU-wide process. No

government wishes to be accused of being soft on activists or refugees, let

alone 'terrorists'. The EU is developing Europol and the coordination of state

prosecutors through Eurojust, with a similar system for the courts. It also aims

to register refugees and 'suspects' in the Schengen Information System (SIS).

- The state laid bare?

- Right!... The events in Goetheburg showed the strength of the repressive

apparatus, but also its limitations. The police violence and hysterical media

campaign had the upper hand in the first months. Several of the organisations

behind the demos played into the hands of the police. Most of them by bending

under the pressure, while others, such as some of the anarchists, by praising

stone-throwing as a viable method of struggle. Others, like Attac, virtually

disappeared after Goetheburg.

- From the beginning, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna advocated public defence

campaigns for those prosecuted. With demonstrations, protest meetings, and

petitions etc, RS has successfully defended members on trial or refugees

threatened with deportation. This time it was clear that the young activists,

held in isolation, were reluctant to conduct public defence campaigns. Most of

their anarchistic organisations also refused to campaign, based on their

penchant for secrecy. The first demonstration against the trials, again on the

initiative of RS, was held in Goetheburg in September 2001 and helped increase

consciousness about the trials. So did those defendants who went public – Hannes

Westberg and Gigi Longo.

- Can the police and the courts break the new movement? The short answer after

Goetheburg and Genoa is no. This spring we have seen the biggest protests so

far, in Italy and Spain. In SvekJa, the demonstrations against the war in

Afghanistan were bigger than any left-wing demo for years before Goetheburg. The

police and the politicians have not been able to strengthen their position

despite their enormous resources. The role of the state is clearly understood by

a small but growing layer of activists, workers and young people. And in the

broader layers of workers there is widespread scepticism.

- In capitalist society, the ruling class is a small minority ruling through its

economic power and its state apparatus. Generally, the state seems to stand

above the struggling classes, giving the appearance of a neutral arbiter. In

calm periods the state acts via laws, statutes, traditions, the education

system, negotiation, etc. But when the power of the ruling class is threatened,

the state will attempt to use its armed backbone: the police, military and


- Consciousness about the role of the state faded during the reform decades

following the second world war. The destruction of the welfare state in the

1990s, however, has made its role clearer. Gothenburg is the clearest example so

far that the Swedish state is no exception. With 2,500 policemen present, it was

a training camp for future battles. But resorting to this level of violence is,

at the same time, a problem for the rulers. They prefer to rule through

peaceful, democratic means, holding the most repressive weapons in reserve. The

experience of Goetheburg will hardly calm their nerves. If the police had such

big difficulties facing mainly young demonstrators, what will happen when the

movement reaches French, Italian or Argentinian strength?

- Loyalty to the state is the prime test of a politician in capitalist society.

The system demands that neither politicians nor anyone in the legal system

should question the action of the police in Goetheburg. On the other hand, the

Supreme Court has taken on the role of restoring the authority of the courts by

reducing some of the sentences. The trial of police officers for brutality at

the Schillerska school has sparked an internal conflict between the Gothenburg

police and the National Task Force over who was responsible. The state ombudsman

has initiated an investigation into the Hvitfeldtska affair, criticising the

police. All this is a result of continuous public campaigning, demonstrations

and the emergence of new facts, leading to growing pressure from below.

- How should state repression be answered? - One of the clearest lessons

from Goetheburg is that the police force and the courts are not impartial.

Workers and anti-capitalists in struggle must educate and develop stewards,

witnesses, legal expertise and our own media. On a limited scale, the campaigns

after Goetheburg have begun to play that role.

- The main way to answer repression is by mass participation on a clear

programme. More unions and rank-and-file organisations must participate in

protests and struggle. There are many examples where violence from the state

apparatus has been futile in preventing a real mass movement, like when the

Argentinian masses overthrew the De La Rua government in December. Armed

soldiers and police could do nothing.

- But first of all, the struggle against repression is political. The working

class needs new mass socialist parties in SvekJa Kingdom and internationally –

parties which explain the reasons for capitalism's neo-liberal policies and show

how to struggle for a socialist society.


- What are you thinking on these incredible scenes? - We must know that

our weakness is Imperialism's strength, I understand here again... - I agree

with you, Comrade Jonas Hållén! - You are welcome, Comrade Lars Törnman!


- I think, democracy should work better!.. Criminals and collaborators should be


- Should we arrest the criminals?!. Don't make me laugh! - Well, I see the

double roles and false rules of the juridical instruments... What a shame we

been forced to label it "democracy"... How thus majority of people, thus living

creators, stinky mass could be so incredible nonsense blind meanwhile all the

enormous fraudulent process?!.. Unbelieveable!... This is a glaring

injustice!.. I wonder, what goes wrong by the juridical instruments... How can I

say?! It is very strange!... You now, if you see all these incredible cases,

nonsense attitudes... - How? Do you explain? What is concrete that you

remember? - Yes, I remember that David Janzon, a redactional worker of Radio

Islam, was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in October 1992, for the

station's agitation "against an ethnic group". Are the provocators of Capitalist

Fascist lobbies are really a ethnical group?! - There is so specially

groups? Okay, Jews!... It's the overclass group, nobody can imitate such

shurks... - But when you been oppressed so your accusation can only

be refuseed... The shurks are the masters 'cause they experinced a lot of cruel

methodes since many years... You can only suffer like many freedom fighters...

- Concrete cases? - Very much!... The judges of system who play dirty

rolls... It is extra incredible on Swedish justice-scenes that many foolish

judges been corrupted by Jewish authorities and they play extra horrible rolls

as pycho-proff doctor magister at policlinics... I can not meet all the judges

nor observate all the cases but I met many high-staff at Golf Club Tenerrife,

they explained... Shamful!... I can not explain here what they say on the

corrpted colleges, so awfully shameful... ... Court material look likes

simetrical sences, reasons are too similarly... Many papers of court been

published by the Bonniers, Nordstedt... Same mechanism publish as basic Zionist

propagand material, too... EU-membership... After 1995 impressed it by the

democratical authorities of other countries? - Unfortunately, it's in all

frauds, much more dirty now... If any true jurist goes to United Nations related

commissions or the independent justice authorities, so we shall most interesting

scandals... - What kind of scandals? - For instance Osmo

Vallo-case... Märta Pettersson-case... Remember; what the relatiives of Tony

Deogan, Dagmar Hagelin, Anders Gustavsson demand... - Don't make me worry

with examles, don't list please much more!.. - It's not me who create the

official shame lists!.. Did you hear Osmo Vallo's two brothers and all other

relatives are arrested, too... The victims and witness been arrested instead of

murderers... Otherway, many freedom fighters forced to be jobless and living

under minimal standards... Most famous concret case is Stefan Dimiter

Tcholakov who labelled as "laborious" and Work Rights fighters Jimmie

Östergren, delegated adviser (former grafiker) Bengt Pettersson and Ahmed Rami,

'cause of criticized the thieves by the Capitalist Jewish lobbies... Laponians

who fight for own mark and minority rights, therefore prisoned their

representative character Olof T. Johansson, the true Socialists like Bengt

Frejd, Sara Lidman, Staffan Ehnebom, so-called the "Free Speech Fighters",

anti-Capitalist demonstranter like Jan Hatto, Sten Arne-Zerpe, Dietlieb

Felderer, movements who struggle against the weapon-handlers like Henrik

Westander (before professur-chair gift) and by his side likely flexible Calle

Höglund, anti-Imperialists Hannes Westberg, Herman Schmid, journalists Staffan

Beckman, Stefan Hjertén, free-mind intellectuals like Rainer Holm, Linus

Brohult, honoured priest K. G. Hammar and hundreds of the anti-Imperialists who

been registrated by the lobbies... - What is common with them?

- Also! When a Fascist accuse them so judges punish the reviewers,

immediately... But when the oppressed people leave any accusation acceptance,

can easily be refuseed ... The requests of them almost been absolutely

refuseed... - Why the DN, Expressen and other big papers awoid of to

publich these true stories?.. They awoid of to show the real discrimination?!

Schindler's List was only a filmatic illusion, actually the true boss never gave

a chance peace in communities... You know, Bonniers, Wallenberg,

Bilderberg-gangs and "Bulldogs" drive the Swindlers' lists, means all the

honoured intellectuals been registrated on their computers... Therefore

Stockholm-Sydney changed to be second plot area of Jew York-Tel Aviv's armed

Mafia... - Yes, it's!.. But what a lucky I have been warned before!. -

The authorities are blind on such actions.. Why? - Because every big shurk

drives by the big lobbies in this big SvekJa zionized Kingdom... - ?!

- How can we could informed and know the truth!?... - I can't reply all in

two minutes?! - Well!... I understand better... It's a modernised

version of enormous hypocrisy... And I understand why the worlkd couldn't react

when Jews slaughed people in Sabra, Shatila, Jenin... Everybody watched on tv

meanwhile druck Coca-Cola, chips, bonbons... - Like the film-druged idiots?..

- No, Sir!... We have incredible reactions and collaborated feelings too,

remember, we all cried when we watched on the Swindler's list, whole lies

master-piece on scenes... - Shame on double-moral masters!.. Where are the

all good peoples now?! - No way to Pessimism, please!.. Well, I see a

positive case here on the Swedish DN, Expressen; Maximum sentence for the

desecration of cemeteries - an outrage which traditionally targeted Jewish

cemeteries - was raised from 6 months' imprisonment to 2 years. Yes, the

prisonment period raised in 1993, Spring. Then... - It should not calls for

case; it's provocation... There is no any single case in SvekJa, means nobody

sentenced, nobody improsined for desecrations.. - Maximum sentence will be

2 years! Isn't good? - I want not talk on the sentences good or not

good... But I'm coming from Skaane and I witnessed who targeted the

cemeteries... - Who? - Jews!... I saw them... They were there

and porovoced very succesful so they manipulated sitation... Therefore there is

no prisoner after this pharagraph ' cause they aimed change the rules...

- I remember a similarly case, my mother witnessed and told us about the foxy

Jews who played theatre at the street on 30 November in Germania... It was

before WW III, Jewish fanatics crashed own glass and won enormous generous

compensation by the reasurance firms... But their media manipulated the world by

the help of american Imperialism so all the analphabets crying on every 30

September worldwide, every year like a crying festival, meantime the Zionist

boss' laughing behind the windows...


- This is not the Cold War but a form of ongoing Cold War, what drives now by

the lobbies... This area demands the prejudiced scientists... - Why the

oppressed folk don't protest or discuss these problems... - Ever and never!

This is not the results of the football matches... People need knowledge on

biological developments... - Biological? Bur the lobotomies and

sterilization methodes were only in last century?! - System have now most

avanced methodes for instance isolation, registration and systematically

injustice... Only two tousand youngs become suicide in SvekJa Kingdom, two times

been a short news.. - Youngs?... But adults? - They never

counts by half officially pools.... Animal lover bourgeoisie have

sex-partner-dogs, counts for identification and health rights, but not the

discriminated persons... Never mind!... - There aren't really a single

one modernized democratical institution?

- ?! ** - I wonder why many

immigrants sets to work without language courses meanwhile many others been

discriminated because of their language is not "wonderful, brilliant"?.. - I

met many people too... For example after Warszawa pakt's collapse fleed

manybiologs to the occupied Middle East, Australia, SvekJa and specially the

laboratory workers sets on the jobs without any oppression... - Did you

found any explain about this subject?.. - Not directly... I met a family

in SvekJa, who calls for BOLDTs, escaped from Baltics by the way of so-called

"official Al Capone Raoul Wallenberg" Co's false Finnish pass and corrupted

authorities in Kingdom by the way of Jewish lobbies... A cunning mature, drives

"Invandrar Publications"... She explained thatall these scientists had already

one or two international languages what beenrespected... - She lies!.. I

know a writer, know six or seven language but SvekJa system set him too the

cleaner-catch boy courses... - Yes; I understand... Jolin replied this

case too; "maybe the writer criticised the oligarchical targets..." -

And she publish these subjects on the Invandrar Tidningen? Bravo!... - You

will be chocked; she help to the lobbies to registrate opposite... - Was she

biology-worker in Baltics... - No!... But system need such families to

follow the people and therefore she didn't go to the claenar courses and nor any

language course although her vocabulary is worst when I compare with other

immigrants... Nowadays fixed this family a credit possbility by the lobbies and

Swedish American authorities,looks like a support to publish weekly propagand

bulletin, called "Sesam"... - Is it a propagand bulletin which the

redacteurs in Jew York recommended? - Yes!... Worst and most dangerous in the

world... - Do you explain; what you discovered by Sesam or chief Boldt's

although her family never had a single one scientist, fixed regularly credits...

- I am regularly reading all the issues of Sesam-falsification magazine and

seewhat this shurk's gang provoce there: "Immigrants always have problems...

Immmigrant prepared to accept thatnever been accepted as true citizen... This is

a insemination what the Zionist Fascists do against thesecond class people in

Tel Aviv... In SvekJa Kingdom, by this shurk-coup drivessame project... Look at

these pages, even the Laponians counts like the second class people and never

discuss serious their minority rights, work rights byindustrial investigations

of Kingdom... They handled often like the Gypsies,more worst; they handled like

prisoners on its own marks like the Palestinians who prisoned his own haoses

there in the occupied Middle East... Do you discussuor rights here on Immigrant

pages? Never... Boldt have credit by Spaarbank and Nordea's Jew chiefs... Why?

Because, Boldt-gang is the best flexible which uses like a condom against Human

Rights...According of these shurks there is no any Zionist Occupational Gang in

the world, but Palestinians been counted as problematics... Palestinians

describes like the immigrants there, what the oppressed people behandles here in

SvekJa Kingdom... Boldt and her lap-dogs manipulate the questions of immigrants

and never answer thequestions although there is two pages for responses... - I

know a Jewish paper in USA, redacteur send letters himself and replies later

instead of the true readers... - Similar tactic!... What Big Brother

do, Swedish hypocrites just imitate it... Not only this fetty imbecill's Sesam,

all other creit-addicted papers administrations making copies of ordinary

people's letters... mostly all these half-officially "Invandrar tidningar

industrin" "brain washing instruments on the immigrants" running on this

line... what thelobbies, so-called "registrationsnamnden" and the

collaborators by the Swedish ministries like much and therefore pumping money..

- Now I have a little question; is Boldt-gangs are Jewish originated... -

More dangereous... Members, so-called "edsvurna" by the Zionist lobbies!...But

how you guess about the origins of these shurks?! - I am not so stupid

although I like sometimes discuss football, too... - ...and maybe a private

question, too!.. How you can be so close to Jolin!... - She like small and

younger Africans like a tradition by the bourgeoisise fetties nowadays and it

was plus point when she discovered I am from Ethiopia... - More question?

- No more, 'cause I have already all the answers on this area specially

experiences by such kind of chiefs who need my massage... This is biology, too;

bio-physique... - But why all these lobbies hate Rainer Holm?.. Rainer is not

immigrant.. - He registrated because of the critics againt the system and

projects.. - What kind of system? Whose projects, whose rules? -

Kidding? - ?! **

- Different faces but same play on the dirty scenes!..

- That is right!.. Unfortunatelt, a crow goes but another crow comes...

Betrayers love eacht other and they always have supporters by the financial

lobbies... For example Sparbank, Nordea, Associates thieves Co, Citibank and

other similarly ziondominated betrayers, lean-mousetraps...

- More dangerous than all other classical mafia examples... Because all these

liberalized instruments have both legal and illegal leagues, different faces on

the different scenes...

- Flexible fascism!..


- Not only this case and such victims, all the anti-imperialists

are the potentially criminals, according to the registrators of lobbies...They

are suspicious in all cases, on all the connections... - They are

suspicious perhaps only on our duties... Otherways I met an interesting gay,

talks perfect Persian, practiced around of Gulf... - Dehdari? Kamali?

Tagawi? - Bijan Fahimi!.. This gay, Persian Zionist, explain any

connection between many Swedes for example: Staffan Ehnebom, Jimmie Östergren,

Ahmed Rami, Rainer Holm, Henrik Westander, Osmo Vallo (murdered by police

torture in Malmuu-city) and his prisoned brothers, Tony Deogan and Anders

Gustavsson (both murdered by group violence and prosecutors didn't accuse anyone

because tehese boys weren't from bourgeoisie cathegories in the community and

both criticized sytem by any articles before), Bengt Frejd, Olof T. Johansson,

Sara Lidman, Calle Höglund, Belay Mekkonen, Hannes Westberg, Linus Brohult, Sven

Wollter, Gunnar Thorell, Murat Yildiz, Bodil Margret Lindqvist, Staffan Beckman,

Ísmet Celepli, Juan Fonseca (when he had not so intensive interesse on money),

Ditlieb Felderer, Stefan Hjertén, Stefan Dimiter Tcholakov (forced to be psyhico

because one of the his relative was guerilla leader, who had same name forced

for Independent Makedonia and jailed by false accusations of two Jewish judges

from Bulgaria just after 1945. Guerilla leader had no possibility to defence

himself, Jewish judges published only the false accusations, including fictive

movements who leaned weapon from Germania under WW II. Although many corrupted

judges and prosecutors were the traitors, this power manipulated history; nobody

succeed to choose what is right what is wrong by medial campaigns... Guerillas,

like "Uncle Tcholakov" sentenced without any minimal evidence...This

"immigrated heimatlos Stefan" borned in 1944 as Dimiter Tcholakov, become a

brilliant academical carrier in Sofia university and fleed to SvekJa Kingdom,

completed 140 university points but prevented from work life, isolated,

discriminated by the the Jewish registrators, lobbies, specially the

collaborators of Clas Lilja "genetical-researcher Zionist clan" members in

the Waexsjö city), victims from West Front like Robert Malecki as true Vietnam

deserter and as second category; Jan Myrdal, Teddy John Frank, Frank Baude,

Peter Bratt, (his cell-shared-comrade Jan Guillou pissed off from lists because

he is a multi-milliarder rich droged creatur now), Dagmar Hagelin (Zionist

lobbies who collaborated with dictators og Soth America, followed Hagelin

relations and as a "hate case" she was been hunted in Argentina, murdered

because her father listed as Marxist), Torsten Leander (only single this one

compensed as symbolic maneouver), Work Rights Fighers Jimmie Östergren from

Högdalen and his ombudsman Bengt Pettersson from Folks house Rågsved district,

Lilian Gustavsson who is mother to Anders, 17, murdered by torture methodes of

bulldog Anders Carlsberg's fascist boys at Fyrshuset trainee center in Hammarby

bourgeoisie area of capitol and poor mother Lilian still betrays by the Jewish

manipulation center Expo's "professional liars"... and much more

anti-imperialists; I collected here hundreds of names... Count please the

victims of Estonia ferry, which used to transferring the nuclear weapons to the

West and sinked by an explosion; prosecutors hunted the criticer intellectuals

not the criminal propagandists of Jewish DN-Expressen falsificators nor the boss

of weapon markets...... Why thus people counts in two different categories and

what is difference between two oppressed or only been registrated followed

people I don't understand... But you can notice much more if you visit Veritas

Co. Veritas fraud league is a computer and distribution which serve the

falsificators, Swedes call him "Jankele Pirat kopiormästaren!", means "Bitch

falsificator masters' bastard"... - What is common with all these

plays? What is the connection but with our tennisplayer monkey? -

That is the question... They don't know anything and therefore we are on the

duty, means their unknowledge is our gain... - Game?! - You

need go to the ear specialist, my friend; Nordic climate is not fit to your

upside... - ?! **

- Please, my friend!... Take these coverages back to the archives!.. Explain

nothing there, outside;please! I'll do tanksgiving because I have only ond year

to be retired.. - Wait!.. Wait!.. My son and daughters already at AMS and

their fiancees fixed places at Länsarbetsnämnden, Migration teater's

integrationsverket.. It was difficult to be staff there, without any true exam,

nor really job interviews... We mustn't leave their situations on risk!.. - ?!


- I witnessed any related cases... But a woman who formated this explain she was

been guilt, instead of the suspected persons... Don't make laugh on such

stories, please!... One of these writers named Bodil Margret Lindqvist wrote a

saga/story and faced PUL when the Evangelist coup of Swedish church spioned

her... But folks insist to be solidarised with Bodil Margret Lindqvist... Dod

you know, why? Resistance against discrimination... Saga on Ulf BERG , for

instance, this saga is a strong file of Bodil's works... Saga-files are a kind

of action; yes, I should remember that Bodil Margret Lindqvist was VPK-follower

rebel... This is one of the reasons; yes, she was a famous member by Communist

Party... There are any related explains on her own homepages what she been

attacked and therefore cleaned many pages..

An example about the first story pages of Bodil Margret Lindqvist:

Bodil's ordinary corrected (nicked A. Maria Oilworkerson) short reserv page:

Short story creations like Comrade Bodil's extra diary pages: There are many

solidaríty groups around such anti-imperialist figures for example,

Readers notices to the story teller Bodil:

Bodil's close friend Comrade Jörgen "Snegroy" (second nick: Kennedy Palme)

built a support page:

- far you works on Internet, it's possible that anybody try to manipulate


- That is right!.. Tere are many fanatics like Livets ord and other fascist

lkeagues who attacking the anti-imperialists. - Definitely!.. Bodil's

works been attacked by Livets ord... There are many server, like Maccabi Jewish

staff and fake Anti-Fa homepages... They still contunie to manipulate... This

is the true terror, advanced by technical support lobbies...

- Sometimes we see good friends, who show very useful solidarity for instance

Jörgen K.,; he is Bodil's close friend, struggles well. - This is the

"True Living history"... - If you have any question so I recommend

you'll call to this civil-courage symbol, "Story-teller".. Here is the directly

phone: Bodil Margret Lindqvist tel. 48 03 e-mail: - 031? - Mölndal, i SvekJa



- Even it's not acceptable!.. My heart says; "No!.."

- What is most unfair?

- To be handled like the animals in the farm of George Orwell.. Looak at all

these swindler masters who have two-legs only difference between the other kind

of piggs...

- I understand your reactions!... But if you insist to go on the last two

leggs, riskable that you can be sanctioned.. Did you heard that many people gone

suicide? - Media didn't explain...... - Whose media? Anyway there

are many people, even an ordinary list can take many pages of newspapers...

Advertisements are important than suicide victims, nowadays... - You mean that

the system can piss off... - Legalized cleansing by modernized

methodes... Thousands of people gone suicide only in last year... -

Human? - ?! **

- Hannes Westberg did come-back to live but we missed Comrade Carlo,

unfortunately!. - ...and therefore I have a salute to Carlo GIULIANI!... -

Poem? - No, only any sentimental words like Fidel CASTRO best

formated on 1th january 1967; "And our special warm salute from deep down our

hearts, from the friendship that was born during our fight for the revolution; a

salute to Comandante Ernesto "Che" Guevara and all of his comrades wherever they

are. The imperialists have killed, as they say themselves, Che lots of times at

different places, but what we hope is that one random day, there where

imperialism expects it the least, commander "Che" Guevara will rise from his

ashes as a phoenix: trained and combative and healthy. And that one day we'll

get much more concrete notes of Che". Today, my great heroe is Carlo Che


- ?!


- Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has

reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms.

- mean?!

- Che!

- ?!


- Same police didn't use any instrument when a Jewish robber kidnapped Forex

staff at central station... Charges in SvekJa Kingdom Hostage Case Probable,

comments FM on Dec 30, 2002

- Like a guest or friendly operation testing?

- Exactly!...

- I don't know what you are talking about...

- Also!.. An Usrael passed Jew who held two women hostage and threatened to

detonate a bomb during a botched robbery attempt was ordered detained by a

district court Monday on suspicion of kidnapping and aggravated robbery. Yuriy

Katsin, 37, had sought asylum in SvekJa recently after having been refused entry

to the country once before, prosecutor Tora Holst told The FM. "After having

kept mum since his arrest, he finally agreed to talk to us," she said.