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help with fear

I started the AFF Program last summer. I got to level 5 and one morning before a jump i got so scared I could not even drive to th DZ. Does anybody have any advice to how to get over this?

Re: help with fear

my advice to you is to identify what exactly you are scared of? I am new to the sport (2 years) but have 10+ years in scuba diving and have seen similar thing (on a different level) there are way to work through it and some techniques that you can use where the student doesnt know how much progress they are making. Get with the people at your drop zone ( i have met only the best and most helpful people at them) and tell them your concerns, they cant help if they dont know, i make jokes about mind readers and that the crystal ball is in the repair shop, they may think you have just been busy. If you are near houston Texas drop me a line i will help where ever i can.
Cheers n beers
Pat Williams