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BSR on Canopy flight

As I am sure many of you are aware, there are several heated discussions on the USPA BSR issue concerning seperated landing areas. I oppose the BSR...not necessarily because of the seperated landing areas, but because I am opposed to USPA intervention in this issue. Anyway, I am cross-posting the below discussion for a friend. There was some fear of retribution so I am posting for him. But I feel that the possible retribution is outweighed by the need for realistic intervention...not BSR's. So, please take a moment to read and if you feel inclined you are invited to sign the petiotion linked at the bottom.


" I just sent this out on myspace:
High Perfomance Canopy Flight is at risk for coming under unnessecary regulations from USPA, in an attempt to solve a problem that is better solved by the individual members. I feel that this will be bad for the overall skydiving community in the long run.

The birth of RW was met with skeptisim by the Style and Accuracy competitors. It was viewed as reckless and dangerous to be in freefall alongside other people. Freefall collisions occured then and now but with proper education they can be avoided.

There was a time when square canopy's were considered to risky for unexperienced people, dangerous even. As our knowledge grew so did our ability to teach and today first timers are jumping ramair canopy's and jumping the rounds would be considered more dangerous.

Many can probably remember when freeflying was new. Back then lots of people frowned upon it as dangerous. I remember a few DZ's that did not permit it, for reasons that we would find humorous today.

None of these aspects of the sport were penalized with legalities. Today we all enjoy a sport that is reaping the benifits of those who pioneered before us, and learned the hard way the things that we now consider basic knowledge. Already, it is apparent that the most docile of canopies is benifiting from the research that comes from the most aggressive of canopy's. The leading pilots gain information flying the fastest canopies and share that knowledge with the rest of us allowing us to learn things about canopy flight without having to go throught the process that they have. Swooping is valuable, and the future of this sport will be restrained if we restrict progress. Imagine where this sport would be today if the Style and Accuracy crowd had created a rule that didn't allow people to be in freefall together becuase of a the collisions they had suffered.

We've had a rash of canopy collisions in the last year but they are not new to this sport, and definitely not contained to the high performance canopy's. I believe that the community will address (and already has) this problem with better enforced landing patterns and more importantly better education for everybody on canopy flight. Please visit the site below and sign the petition asking USPA to leave the rule making up to the individule DZ's as each one will have thier own issues to work out.

Please forward this bulletin to reach as many as possilble.
Thank you! "

Re: BSR on Canopy flight

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