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help needed; USA to Germany

I will be in Germany later this month and would like to skydive while I'm there. I have a current USPA membership and a D license (D10834). I need to find out what requirements I need to meet in order to be able to jump while I'm there, and find a DZ close to and/or convienient to Frankfurt. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: help needed; USA to Germany

Hi Mike,

unfortunately there is no dropzone really close to Frankfurt - as far as I know.

The closest ones are smaller dropzones which I don't know. Recommendable are for e.g. Hassfurt about 150km east of Frankfurt or Eisenach ( as well about 150km northeast of Frankfurt. In Eisenach you can meet the most famous skydivers in Germany as this is the German headquarter for relativ work.

Have some nice time.