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Competition Canopy-Piloting

Swoop-Contest 08
Date: 2008-09-04 to 2008-09-07
Location: St. Urban
Phone: +43(0)66981309419

Competition Canopy-Piloting

Early information: This competition serves the presentation of this latest official
discipline in the international sport parachuting but is designed also as a position
fixing for first official competitions in Austria/Carinthia.

The time and place: St. Urban at the urban lake/Carinthia

Competition meeting and training, Thursday, 4.9.2008, . 10.00 clock
1 Day: Friday, 5.9.2008 as of 10.00 am 2 Training
2 Day: Saturday, 6.9.2008 as of 10.00 am 2 gateways
3 Day: Sunday, 7.9.2008 as of 10.00 am 2 gateways

On every 3 days finds a press conference (level of the results) in the parish rooms of
St. Urban at 07:00 -
Sub-disciplines: Carve: Heading marker marked out (Gates) having to be flown
through point exactly

Distance: The longest flight from the Gate until the landing is
measured in terms of by an admission Gate into a Bladeparcour

Zone Accuracy: Flying by an admission Gate into a showjumping
course, landing in a highlighted country area, caution:

Evaluation: Carve: Heading marker marked out (Gates) having to be flown
through point exactly (sum wins from the two gateways).
Distance: The longest flight (sum from the two gateways)
after flying correctly through the admission Gate wins,
Zone Accuracy: award of points after landing in the different
landing zones, maximum score (sum from the two gateways)
Combination: Place evaluation, i.e. the placings from all subdisciplines
are added up

Prize money:
1st place . €300,--
2nd place .€150,--
3rd place .€100,--
as well as many factual prices (4 - 10 rank.)
Execution: two gateways each, Carve on Friday, the 5.9.2008, and
per two gateways Distance on Saturday, the 6.9.2008
per two gateways zone Accuracy on Sunday, the 7.9.2008
Jump order is drawn lots on Friday then in form brought
Helicopter and group sizes at the jump register remove,
depending on and weather situation,
Personal: Competition leader and arbitrator
Participant: everyone qualified participants of
may take part without qualifying
certificate, can let everyone during or also in front of the
Swoop-Contest give itself another participant the release,
max. 60 participants

Costs: Entry fee: 40,00 euro/person for participant in the 1st
Carinthian Swoop - Contest without extra entry fee
Jump price: 15,00 euro/jump
Registrations: shapeless under
Please indicate whether Swooping participant or not.
The execution, rules (changes), safety regulations, evaluation criteria and
certain methods are discussed and fixed in detail at the first competition

Blue Skies
Team Swoop-Contest