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I'm writing with an unusual request.

I'm following Jeff Schroeder, who is the host, on the second season, of a web based show called Around the World For Free, on

He started his journey on July 26th, from New York City, and has about two weeks left, before he returns home. He's been to Japan, S. Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Romania, Italy and he's now in Germany. Before he returns, he'd like to do something in the "high" adventure range. He's expressed interest in skydiving. The problem he has is, of course, he has no money on him.

All through this journey, he's had many of his fans/followers/viewers (and friends of all of those) step up with ways to get him transportation from one location to the other and accommodations for him and his two man crew of film editors. Now, that he'd like to do something more daring, he can't seem to find anyone to help him out with getting a tandem jump set up, for free. I'd really like to help him reach his goal.

The bonus for the school, that would be willing to take Jeff on a tandem jump, for free, would be publicity, through his web show (and hopefully, on national TV, if CBS turns this into a special series of shows, which most of us think is inevitable). The school would be filmed. I presume the jump would be filmed and a short webisode would be featured on the Around the World For Free website, noted above. A longer version would, of course be shown, if the prime time show happens.

This is no joke. Check out the site, where you can view his webisodes, read about his adventure, see his pictures, of the places he has been and the adventures he has experienced, from all around the world.

Does anyone know of a school, in Germany, or anywhere in Western Europe, that would be willing to help Jeff out?

Just a little more information about Jeff. He was the 2009 Favorite Player on Big Brother 11 USA, and was on The Amazing Race season 16. He's a great guy, funny, and charming. He's been nothing but appreciative, grateful and humbled by all the help he's received, so far, on this trip. Whoever would be willing to help him out would have a great time with Jeff.

If you have any suggestions or advice, I and especially Jeff, would be eternally grateful.

Thank you for reading.

Maggie Maietta

Re: Help/advise

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