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an odd request -- GISHWHES 2012

Hey, my name's Chris Roper. I have a... seemingly odd request concerning anyone planning to skydive anytime this weekend (any time until November 5) Get ready, it's weird. But at this point, I'm desperate.

I'm currently participating in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (or GISHWHES) and I need some help on a particular item. To get the required points for my team, one item on our list is to 'Skydive while holding up a sign that imbeds, "GISHWHES" in a phrase. For example, your sign could say, "Lose your dignity -- join GISHWHES." Or "GISHWHES made me do it."' I myself am not a skydiver, and neither is anyone else on my team. However, if any one of you are planning to go skydiving this weekend, would it be possible for you to hold a sign that has the word 'GISHWHES' on it while you do? All I need is a photo of any skydiver holding the sign. The hunt ends on November 5th, so the picture would have to be taken before that.

I know it's a bit of a longshot, but I'm trying every avenue I can find in order to help my team win. If you (or anyone you know!) wouldn't mind doing this, please email me at