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2018 Bahamas Beach Boogie!

Welcome to Skydiver’s Island! To register or for more information visit our facebook page,

Featuring a private airstrip, skydiver-only resort, and a clubhouse for use as a DZ.

This is a Skydiver’s Paradise.

Registration Fee: $350

Registration Includes:
•World-class Organizers
•Access to the inclusive meal plan at the resort (3 a day!) (or you have the option of a “basic” no meal package)
•All transportation to/from your flights and to/from dz/resort/landing area
•Access to the STL beach parties
•Access to STL Super Bowl party
•T-shirt and goodie bag
•Discounts to those pre-registered by January 13th 2018
•Jumps: 10 jump minimum ($35/jump for block of 10 if pre-purchased otherwise $37.75/jump)
•No Jumper Fee: $200
•Children under 16 will have free registration.
•Location: Freeport, Bahamas
•Resort: Old Bahama Bay – to be booked through STL ONLY ◦
◦ Rooms: $225/night + tax
◦ *They have 2 bars which will be opening early for us.
◦ *Up to FOUR people can split a room #cheap

More details:
•Meal plan: $40 per day + tax (includes 3 meals a day)
•Airport: West End Air Strip
•Landing area: Beach or golf course – you pick on every jump! ◦ Requirements: B license, A license allowed on case by case basis

•Floatation devices are required. They will be available to rent ($5/jump or purchase $82.50). Or you may bring your own. We will be selling Co2 cartridges.
•We will be flying the STL aircraft (grand caravan / super otter)
•We WILL be offering TANDEMS for ALL AGES (we have all equipment you will need).
•We will have a rigger on site and packers available.
•Rental gear requests to be done by January 13th. Please inquire for details.
•How to get there: Fly commercially into Freeport (we will have our van bring you to the dz/hotel – there will be an AM pick up and a PM pick up), or bring your boat and park in the harbor, or fly your own plane into west end airstrip (land for free – and customs will be waiting for you)
•All questions come to Melissa or STL only.
•Checks are preferable method of payment, but credit cards will also be accepted.

Who’s organizing this Boogie?

Travis from American Wingsuit Academy — Wingsuit organizer

Sam Smith from Darkside Freefly — Freefly organizer

Jay Veenendaal — Organizing beginner to advanced freefly/angle/canopy flock/XRW

Louis French — RW organizer. All things belly!

More organizers TBA soon…


Beach – Enjoy the calm waters, sandy beaches, swaying hammocks, and chaise lounges.

Swimming Pool – Our 4,000 sq ft oceanfront pool contains an infinity edge and lounging area.

Water Sports – Complimentary beach activities include paddleboards, sea kayaks, fishing kayak, and more!

Bicycles – Complimentary.

Re: 2018 Bahamas Beach Boogie!

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