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Bonehead Of The Day Award Message Board
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? The REAL reason behind the bashing of Gov. Palin ?

It's not because she's stupid or anything else - because we have plenty of stupid politician's in office. . .

I believe her entrance into the race was the major reason Obama did not get the land-slide victory win that he so DESPERATELY wanted AND needed. He counted on that landslide win - to get ALL his programs through.

Because of Palin's popularity, Obama lost footing in the race. He and his backers will continue to persecute Palin for that loss. And she they may continue to pummel her, along with the few jealous GOP candidates for 2012.

Of course this is my opinion only, but I really do feel it haS credance.

And how I came to this conclusion? Because I recently heard that Obama's people were asked to studied why Medicare got passed so many years ago (and he is having such a problem with his Health-care program). He found out it was because the then president won by a landslide. . . . Plus, I remember him saying that he needed to win by a landslide. . .AND let's face it, he was very close to a landslide win BEFORE Palin. . .

Oh well, too bad for Obama.

Re: ? The REAL reason behind the bashing of Gov. Palin ?

Too bad for America.