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This message board is for readers of the Bonehead Of The Day Award for exchanging ideas, for getting to know each other (make new friends!) and for having fun.

The Bonehead Of The Day Award, originally published by email, is now available as a news feed and is also available as a Google gadget.

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Bonehead Of The Day Award Message Board
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Re: Good Bye

I hear ya

I keep checking back but no one really answers my posts - so I've moved on to Digg, Facebook, Twitter, SodaHead, CafeMom, TeamSarah and others; don't know where Jim has gone (he always kept it lively too).

However, I do plan on coming back with some friends who have a lot to say within the next six months; I want to gather them up first (if I can). So keep checking back.

Or, post your thoughts and issue yourself in the meantime, I will always check in to look for something to say !!!