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Bonehead Of The Day Award Message Board
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HEALTHCARE Stalled in the Senate? What a joke

I have no fear that it will be politics as usual here to somehow convince any Senate nay-sayers - - to vote FOR this Healthcare Reform; just as they did so far. . .

America certainly needs Healthcare Reform in my opinion, however, not this much and not in such an intrusionl way !!!

All we really needed right away was "affordability", "portability" and to ban "pre-existing conditions".
Next you know these insurance companies will be saying that BIRTH in general - is a pre-existing condition for both the mother and the child !!!

No one needs to be FORCED to buy into a healthcare plan they don't agree with; and we keep hearing that we could got to jail if we don't (this is not some game like Monoply !!! This is REAL LIFE and unconstitutional. . . .

I read parts of this bill for a review board on ( and this reform has too many problems to pass. And to hear them say: let's pass it NOW and TWEEK it later, is rediculous. Every knows how long and difficult it would be to do that !!!