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Bonehead Of The Day Award Message Board


This message board is for readers of the Bonehead Of The Day Award for exchanging ideas, for getting to know each other (make new friends!) and for having fun.

The Bonehead Of The Day Award, originally published by email, is now available as a news feed and is also available as a Google gadget.

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Bonehead Of The Day Award Message Board
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Why did the award stop?

Why did the Bonehead of the Day Award stop?

Re: Why did the award stop?

The Bonehead Awards slowed down when whats-his-name was sent to England.....and they seem to have stopped all together now. Whats-his-name got too busy (I believe he stated), and I seem to recall he mentioned something about the internet access. Too bad, cause it was interesting...
This blog site died when it's major bloggers stopped blogging. Why? don't know for sure but it happened last summer. I have kept it on my radar, and your the first person who's posted for many moons.....

We always blogged on political issues (most of the time) and it was fun while it lasted.