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Bonehead Of The Day Award Message Board
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Sloppy journalism award for "Bonehead of the day"

I am pleased to present the "Sloppy journalism award" for it's article entitled "UK School System Requires All Teenagers Get Certification In Knowing How To Catch A Bus". It is virtually unsurpassed in the history of journalism for an article to include so many factual errors, including two in the title itself. Rarely has any journalist gone so far in changing facts for the purpose of entertainment.

[For those who have better things to do than read the article, the UK school system had absolutely nothing to do with the original story, and does not have any such requirement for teenagers].

Re: Sloppy journalism award for "Bonehead of the day"

Thanks for your opinion.....
I'd love to give one too - but I have no idea what your talking about - since I don't live there AND you didn't submit a link for the original article (for me to read) and a subsequent article proving your point...

But it's so nice to once again see someone else posting on this blog. . .