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(imo) it is a VERY POOR DEAL for the U.S. budget.
Since when is it a good deal to have to accept extending the tax cuts for milionaires and billionairs - just to get an extention of tax cuts for the middle class ???

Wouldn't those billions for the wealthy be better spent elsewhere? Like infastructure JOBs for the jobless (since studies have shown that tax breaks for the wealthiest folks have not provided more jobs in the 10-years it has been in place). . .

Many of the wealthiest folks say they DON'T NEED NOR WANT THE TAX BREAKS TO CONTINUE.

AND, how will this be paid for? By taking money from the Middle Class and Poor of course !!! I suspect in the form of cuts to Social Security and Medicare [reducing these so-called Entitlements for the PEOPLE have long been a target for 'dismanteling' by the 'capitalist' Republicans and Libertarians], and they keep whitteling away at them - - till there will be nothing of value left, we are close to that now. . . . Why can't the wealty see themselves for what they are (awful team players), because their GREED constantly gets in the way !!!

Unless I'm wrong about the particulars in this deal - I stand against it. . . .

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