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Re: An interesting web site U may want to checkout if U haven't already. . .


I recently re-visited this web site (to check the facts regarding political statements, etc.) -

It even has an OBAMETER and I was particularly interested in their tracking of Obama's BROKEN promises. . . .

? Tell me what YOU think of this site ?

Since you asked:

This 76 year old Vet & Agnostic Atheist Activist sez:

It IS, just as is nearly all of America's Lame Stream Media biased toward the liberals. Or, as Bert Prelutsky so accurately describes them in his book by
same name, "Liberals, America Termites"

They do not realize the fact that as most people age, gaining in both experience
knowledge, they, just as Ronald Reagan had, gone from being Liberals to being

This gain in experience and knowledge is why there are MORE than a few blogs & books written by FORMER Liberals while there are very, very few written by those who were once Conservatives.

Of course, this gain in experience and knowledge is also the exact same reason why there are Multi-Millions of Americans who are FORMER Christians while there are very, very few "former" Atheists.