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Interesting point of view. Yes, there are simularities with with the total control enacted by Nazi Germany and modern day China as well.

BTW.....Taxes are too high
One of the reasons taxes are so high is because 40 million US citizens do not pay ANY taxes. Indeed, below a certain income level filers claim the "earned income credit" that entitles them to tax refunds greatly exceeding the amount they paid in.

The other reason taxes are so high is Congressional spending which is completely out of control.

Taxes will remain unfair until we eliminate the IRS and enact a 'consumption tax'. This would tax everyone pays based on their purchases, not their income.

Doing so would encourage Congress to enact laws that stimulate business and create jobs. (ie..the more jobs the more tax revenue).

Will Congress every enact such a law? Probably not....citizens who pay nothing in taxes will be up in arms. (they will call it racist and unfair)....

Liberals would not be able to 'redistribute' the wealth, and politician's efforts to legislate our behavior will be greatly curtailed.

Don't know who will see this.....just had to get it off my chest.

Till next time....