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Anyone know my dad 1940-44?

Dear 25th vets,
Looking for anyone who served in the Inf. Regts or support units(eng., supply,transport) who knew my dad. I just received his campaign medals from my U.S. Congressman and the only record available was a DD 214(all other records destroyed in the 1973 fire at St. Louis).The DD 214 does not state what unit he served in only that it was Inf./heavy truck driver 931.Iam assuming that his dates of service include Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, The Solomons + New Guinea. The Central Pacific+ New Guinea are the only two on the DD 214, it does appear some info is not on this brief form, such as all his decorations( I understand, I served in The U.S. Navy)The DD214 also has two codes with no explanation....GO 33 and WD 45 as amended, any Idea? My Fathers name is William J. Zakrowsky( its misspelled throughout his service) he was from N.Y.C. You may ask how I know he was the 25th easy he told me.Thanks for any help you can give me and my family.

Re: Anyone know my dad 1940-44?

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