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25th Infantry Division Association Forum
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Please help me find info on my dad who fought in Vietnam 1967 - 25th infantry 4th Brigade.

Dog tag # - 52808184 or 52808102
25th infantry division attached to the 4th brigade
He was shipped out in may 1967 fought for four months then got wounded, took shrapnel from a german made hand granade. Medic came down to get him in the copter but took fire. it barely made it on the ground back to the hospital...he stayed at a Hosp in Saigon. Then his Dad had a heart attack and he went home, then was shipped back out to Vietnam and he saw one of the soldiers that was in his platoon when they got ambushed..,who was now a captin or major who's name was Gomez. Dad drove his mail truck until he was sent home. He still had to traverse IED's on the road the whole time he was driving back and forth to get the mail. I don't know when he was shipped out. But ANY info at all would be very appreciated!
Thank you,
David Hawkins