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2nd Bn., 27th Inf., Wolfhounds, Operation Junction City, Vietnam

I am searching for information concerning a battle fought in Tay Ninh Province on February 26, 1967. In this battle, 4 men of C Company, 2nd. Bn., 27th Inf. Reg't. Wolfounds, were Killed in Action. My uncle was also wounded in this battle.
The 27th Inf. Reg't. was part of the 2nd Brigade of the 25th Inf. Division. I have found accounts of 2 other battles fought on 2/26/1967. These battles involved elements of the 1st Brigade, 25th Div., and the 3rd Brigade, 25th Div. The 1st Brigade units (9th Inf.) suffered 24 KIA, and the 3rd Brigade units (12th Inf., "4th Division" attached) suffered 7 KIA.
I would like to be able to find any written account of the battle involving 2nd. Bn, 27th Inf., either an "After Action Report" or an "eyewitness account" from a participant in this battle. My uncle's wounds caused him to have no memory of this battle.
I have searched the documents provided by the '25th Aviation Battalion" and the 'Vietnam Studies' series - "Cedar Falls & Junction City: A Turning Point" - with no success.