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Feel free to post a message or read what all we are talking about.  Most topics here will involve information pertaining to the reenacting world and WWII history.  Though any radical or distasteful post will be deleted as soon as possible.  Come in with a light hearted attitude and a will to learn.

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German Rifle Question

Okay, I am sure that Heady and Captain Madden know this but I do not. We all know that the Jerries used the Mauser 98K - K for Karabiner - during WW2. Did the use the longer, heavier 98 or was this rifle well past its prime in the 40's?

Re: German Rifle Question

The common German solider onlyused the 98K though you will see last ditch weapons of every type used by the volkstrum...etc. I think they may have retained some of the older rifles in trining but most were sold off to third world countries during that time period.