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Please keep all your negative comments to yourself. Show your love for the dance scene. All the cool cats are doing it!

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Re: Lookin Good

Thanks for the suggestions. Im working on it. Just have to find some time you know. Alright then peace!

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Replying to:

Hey guys, got the flyer - found the site! So far so good... I can't wait to read the bios and check the links. I have a few suggestions that might improve the overall flow of the site.

The blue hoth logo on the forum doesnt mesh well with the rest of the site. Maybe if the blue was black and the text was tellow or white?

The font on the forum is hard to read over the background logos.

The ads... 'nuff said.

Otherthan that, the flash is amazing and I really like the interface. Good shit, Luke.

Lastly, just wanted to say hey to Mike. I hope there is a makeup party for Dreamland so I can FINALLY see you spin!

Josh aka Gobo