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Welcome to the ESSS Site Ring!

We are an eBay store owners' cooperative dedicated to promoting the eBay community ethic by participating in a mutually beneficial Sidewalk Sale extravaganza!

Find items to tickle your fancy, kindle your spirit and cater to your every whim!

Where the Join form asks for your "Your Website URL," use the URL of your About Me page. Please do not use your eBay Store url. Thanks!

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Just a couple of notes on the ESSS Site Ring:

  1. Any eBay store owner is welcome to join the ESSS Site Ring. Once you have installed the Ring Code on your About Me page, your store will be activated in the Site Ring.
  2. Your site will be moved to inactive status if any of the following occur:
    • Your eBay Store is closed.
    • The Ring Code is removed from your About Me page.
    • The Ring Code is placed anywhere besides your About Me page.
    • You become suspended from eBay.
    • You have multiple instances of the Ring Code on your About Me page with different Site numbers.
  3. Your site will remain on the inactive list for one week. If the problem isn't corrected, your site will be removed from the Site Ring.
  4. You may rejoin at anytime once the problems are corrected.
It's that simple! If you have any questions, please ask! :)

If you decide to participate further in ESSS, you agree to abide by the rules posted here: eBay Stores Sidewalk Sale. The maximum number of items permitted per store is 25. Not abiding by the rules may lead to you being banned from the ESSS Group and this Site Ring.

I promise as RingMaster:

  1. Not to edit your membership information without your consent in any way other than to correct your About Me page url.
  2. To update your member information upon your request.
  3. To keep you informed of any pertinent changes in the Site Ring. Information about such changes will be sent to the email address registered with the Site Ring.

Thanks! Mona

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