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What is your favorite Coffee News feature?
Everybody's Talking
Quoteable Quotes
What's Happening
Did You Know
On the Lighter Side
Coffee News Man Contest

Do you eat pizza with...
Your Fingers
A Fork
Both fingers & fork

Who is your favorite Coffee News character?
The Little Coffee News Man
The whole gang
The Shocked Cow
Happy man with coffee
Running Lizard
Nutty Squirrel
Coffee Cat
Take me to your coffee
Sax Cat

How do you take your coffee?
Cream & Sugar
Just Cream - I'm sweet enough
Only Sugar
Bleccchh! I don't drink coffee!

How often do you read Coffee News?
Every Week! Without fail!!
Once a month
Every now and then
This is the first time I've read it - but I love it!
More than once a week - I can't get enough of it!

Have you ever contacted one of our advertisers?
No - but now that you mention it, I'll call them right now!

Do you have "Little Guy" races with your friends?
Yes - it's the highlight of our week!
No - but that's a great idea!
No - I don't believe you have ever actually hidden him!

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