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Church in Little Aden

Recently a photograph of a church in Little Aden was posted on the Face book "Aden" group page. I cannot recall seeing this church in LA perhaps some one can advise where it was located. It apears to be a Catholic Church from the structure. The photograph can be seen at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=118217095006207&set=o.382972518424419&type=1&theater

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Re: Church in Little Aden

Hi David, The church is located at the former military base (Falaise) near Bir Fuqum, Little Aden. The church structure is still there but the clock is missing!

73 de W6DIQ/G6DIQ

Re: Church in Little Aden

Hi Jonathan, trust you are keeping well.

Thank you for that information on the location. Strange that I didn't recall seeing it on my many trips out to LA.

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Re: Church in Little Aden

Hi David,

I think the church and the power station at Falaise camp where the last two projects completed before the withdrawal circa 1966 .


Jonathan W

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Re: Church in Little Aden

The Church was in the Army base, my father Kenneth Nelson was the civillian priest there in the 60'sand there was also an Army priest.However as I am not on face book it could be another church!


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Re: Church in Little Aden

Hello All, and thanks agoin to Jonathan Wilkins getting this all done, the photos etc constantly help me to recall the better things that happened during my childhood in Aden.

I remember a Church beside the LAPA School where we did Sunday School and The Nativity Play. I also seem to recall another one (maybe a Roman Catholic) on the road to the Bureika Club, on the left as you approach the Club, but not close to it, back where the shops and Barbers was, between the Road and the Rugby Pitches, maybe behind the shops

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Re: Church in Little Aden

Just came across web site I can confirm the church at Falaise camp as I was a choir boy there from 1966 to March 1967. Lived in Aden from March 1965 -March 1967. My father was serving in the Royal Engineers.

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Re: Church in Little Aden

The church was still there when I visited in 2010. The building is used by the Yemeni army as a meeting room. The bell is missing from the tower!

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Re: Church in Little Aden

I agree with above there were 2 churches. One near the school and I believe a Roman Catholic church also. I was a bridesmaid to June and Jimmy Stewart there along with Lesley Jones. Has Lesley Jones made contact? Many happy memories of the Nativity plays we did there.