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Aden 1964

Is anyone watching the Last Post BBC1 Sunday evenings ? Interesting and near to the point. Aden is possibly my earliest memory from childhood , I remember the day we arrived ( 4 years old ) and my vision is of what appeared to be the hugest chit chat (lizard) in the stairwell leading to the flat that was to become home for a couple of years. My parents Dave and Judy Dawson (Dad has passed away now ), Three children me 4 my sister 2 and our new baby brother 6 months. going to school on a bus with armed guards. Does anyone remember having to sit in the well of the car between the section of land leading to the camp . School, home beach was the day straight of the bus to steamer point. Last year I transferred all the slides my father took into hard copies for mum so that she could put albums together whilst she can tell the stories which are all interesting and frightening in todays light. Amazing really, Anyway will continue to watch The Last Post.

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