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Bureika, Little Aden 1961


I am so pleased that I accidentally came across your “BP Aden Kids” site while trying to find information that could help me.

I was born in Bureika, Little Aden in June 1961, I believe in the local hospital, but my problem is that I cannot find my birth certificate. After requesting a copy from the London General Records Office, they have informed me that they cannot trace a registration for me, either in England or in Aden. I have contacted the British Consulate in Aden, but no reply.

My dad, sadly now deceased, worked for BP from 1947 to 1970. His name was Thomas Robert Wyndham Lambkin – known as Bob and he was based in Aden from 1954 to 1963. An old address I have found is Devonshire Street, Ghadir, Little Aden. His wife Joyce (my mother) is still alive but suffering from dementia, so is unable to help me with my search.

Can anybody help me obtain records from the local hospital or help me find if my birth was registered in Aden and help me get a copy of my birth certificate please.

I also have hundreds of photos, but no names dates or places and would really like to know about my past. I am now living in Suffolk.

I look forward to hearing from anybody who can help, or knew my parents.
Thank you Terry Gasking (Mrs) - formerly known as Therese (Terry) Lambkin

Email: tgasking@btinternet.com

Re: Bureika, Little Aden 1961




One or more of the above links might be of help.
I hope that get a result.

Email: vpbalsdon@btinternet.com

Re: Bureika, Little Aden 1961

that is Amazing .. i am searching about any information about your father too.. i am asking Moh'd Abdulla Sharaf Al-Qadhi about him, i know your father worked in BP Aden refinery as Public Relation Officer but he told me he worked as commercial supervisor if he still has good memory.

Email: stronger20052002@yahoo.com

Email: stronger20052002@yahoo.com

Re: Bureika, Little Aden 1961

his badge no. 8954

Email: stronger20052002@yahoo.com