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Book: BP Aden Visitors 1953 - 2001

Hi All

I am Hani Bassel, I am working at Aden Refinery Company (BP Aden), I am researcher too and Manager of General Library in Little Aden.

Now I am writing documentary Book about the Visitors of Aden refinery from 1953 to 2001, by personal effort, i have more than 206 Visiting, I get the news From Refinery's Magazine (Jottings, Aden Magazine, Little Aden Mercury, Akhbar AlMasafi, Magallat Aden) and Old Adeni Journals, the book contains too many old pictures and news, some of these by English Language, also i comment about any thing in the news, so i hope you help me, if you have another magazines or any things about Aden, and please put any information that you know it about this person:

(1) Dr. J. P Allinson (ِAllinson, DR. JP) he came to BP Aden refinery in 1954 then became General Manager Assistant.

(2) A. W. Coutts : Oil Refinery project manager.

(3) Lamb kan: maybe the spelling is a wrong .. he is a public relation officer in 1954

(4) S. W. Adey

(5) L. Jackson: Public Works Manager.

(6) cathry: i write it as Arabic sound but i think it is wrong .. He is a Works Manager.

(7) Mr. Fowler.

(8) Mrs. Fowler.

(9) Mrs. Allinson ( The Wife).

(10) Crock .. the spelling is not correct i guess.

(11) Mrs. Crock.

(12) Mr. Waters

(13) Dr. Asnith .. or smith or Asmith (Senior Health officer)

(14) Higgit or Higgut

(15) Haritman .. i am not sure from the spelling.

(16) B. N. Hamilton or P. N. Hamilton

(17) Pokt

(18) A. P. Shearar: General manager.

(19) Anne Morgan (Nurse in BP Hospital)

(20) Cathelien Mullen (or Mellen): (Nurse in BP Hospital)

(21) J. W. Macnab: General Manager .. i wrote about him but want more

(22) J. A. Teski: from BP in Tawahi

you can put it here or send me to my email or profile:


facebook: Hani Bassel
twitter: Hani_Bassel
whats app: 00967733477909
calling: 00967701983897

Email: stronger20052002@yahoo.com

Re: Book: BP Aden Visitors 1953 - 2001

Hi folks,

Just thought I'd give this thread a kick as I've been speaking to Hani and he's really keen to get as much information as possible about the refinery era. Photos, stories, anything you can tell him about ... well, anything really. I've given him most of what I have but I was only 7 when I left there so my memories are somewhat limited. Hani is actually in Aden at the moment so he is also a major font of knowledge about what life is like there right now.

His contact details are in the post above this one.


Steve Turtle

Email: steve@terrapania.com

Re: Book: BP Aden Visitors 1953 - 2001

I find the idea of approaching site members for their contributions for a book about BP more than a little surprising and out of place, considering what is going on in Yemen at the moment and, indeed, has been taking place for many years.
An unofficial estimate puts the total of deaths at 10,000, but it is certain that many more have perished.
Hodeidah is the most recent place to witness the savagery of war and the casualty list is still rising.
Given that the country's people are starving, have little or no fresh water to drink, and that medical facilities have largely been destroyed, rebuilding the country will be an impossible task. Cholera is still rife.
I'm not a former BP kid, something I've made clear from the outset, but I was subjected to that all pervading stink that emanated from the flare for over a year, save for a three month tour up country at Al Habilayn.
Write your book about the plight of your fellow Yemenis, Hani.
The world, and my country included, needs to know the facts.

Email: vpbalsdon@btinternet.com

Re: Book: BP Aden Visitors 1953 - 2001

It appears that my previous post has not been well received, if the lack of response is anything to go by.
It also appears that a previous one was deleted. Perhaps this one will be as well.
I have, this morning, logged on to the Al Arabia (English version) and read their denunciation of the report by Lise Grande, the newly appointed Humantitarian Co ordinator for Yemen, for being a puppet of the Houthis, as well as for her "refusal" to move her base from Sa'ana to Aden. Al Arabia fails to provide any evidence for its claims, quoting instead sources from the "legitimate government" and one can only assume that the reasons are an attempt to deny the truth to the world.
The Saudi Arabian air strike on Dhahyan in August managed to target a school bus, among other civilian areas and those children that survived were taken to a hospital in Sa'ada. Lise Grande's visit there was also condemned by Al Arabia, calling it "false information". It's starting to sound a bit like Trump!
The United Nations has predicted that the people of Yemen are facing the worst famine for 100 years, and that 13 Million people face starvation.
Why do I care so much about Yemen? Because, in the time that I was there I grew to love the beauty of the country, its history and its people, despite the fact that some of them were trying to kill me.
For me, Aden was not about The Beach Club, the riding stables, the beach (where we, the men that were there to protect you, were cordoned off), idyllic picnics and teenage romances. It was about the danger and tension of patrols in Sheikh Othman, Tawahi, Crater and Ma'alla. It was about survival.
You have your memories. I have mine.

Email: vpbalsdon@btinternet.com