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I was a toddler in Aden can remember the beach with the high rocks and being warned not to climb it swimming a lot and very vaguely nursery also my older brother getting hit twice by trucks as he never did as he was told Paul went the infant school there we left in 1964 when I was about 4 my dad Fred was military police and my mum Connie looked after us we came back so my mum could have our younger sister Mandy in England then came back I thought we lived in a block of flats remember lifts also one Sunday morning a army truck being blown up outside and we kids thought it was fireworks another time my mum leaving my sister in her pram outside the shop in the army zone and a Arab trying to take her a young soldier and mum ran after him and got her back I’ve just been looking at some of the photos of back then and came on here as I was looking at other sites about the time then as a child we didn’t realise the dangers only now reading about it has made me realise why my parents were so strict used to love the beach and got my love of swimming from being taught at the beach love to hear from anyone that might remember us all from there thank you

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