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Aden 1960 to 64

Hi, my Dad was in the British army and we lived in Aden roundabout 1960 to 1964. Have very fond memories, although as a child did not realise what was going on.
I remember landing in Aden, age about 4, in my little summer dress, and being hit by a wall of heat!
Initially lived in a flat in Maala, then moved to Khormaksa, 250B. Attended Isthmus school Khormaksa, was picked up by school bus each day.
Wonder if anybody else around at that time. I only remember a boy called Alan.

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Re: Aden 1960 to 64

Hi Anne, nice to hear your story. We probably just missed each other as my parents arrived in Aden early in 1964 and left in 1966. I was aged 16 and remained in England in boarding school but visited Aden for every holiday. They were dramatic times but we had some fun too. We lived in Tarshyne and swam, sailed and played tennis a lot. We also enjoyed shopping in the Crescent, and I still have many souvenirs from those days! How was your time there?

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