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Abyan cotton scheme

Hi! I'm in the process of researching the Aden Protectorate for my MA dissertation, and I would be very grateful if anyone has any articles or materials about to the Abyan Cotton Scheme in the Fadhli and Lower Yafa states that they would be willing to share. I find it absolutely fascinating, yet I am struggling to find materials about it, particularly in light of how archives have been closed due to the pandemic. Many thanks.

Email: williamharrop16@gmail.com

Re: Abyan cotton scheme

There is an article in the Port of Aden magazine about the Abyan Colton project. The link is shown below.



Jonathan Wilkins

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Re: Abyan cotton scheme

Thank you very much. I have consulted most of the Port of Aden magazines that are available and have found them to be useful. In the 1957-1958 edition, I noticed that an article mentions that the 1953-1954 magazine has an introductory piece about the Abyan scheme which I think will be quite illuminating. Do you know roughly when the 1953-1954 Port of Aden magazine will be digitally uploaded? I am very grateful for what has been uploaded so far.

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Email: williamharrop16@gmail.com

Re: Abyan cotton scheme

Try asking on the facebook site Aden old memories

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