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How to watch CNN live Anywhere?

As one of the most trusted news sources in the US, CNN delivers thorough and relatively unbiased coverage of world events as they happen. Here, we're going to be outlining exactly how to watch a CNN live stream. However, while it's relatively simple to access CNN from the US, you might run into problems if you're outside the States – even if you pay for the network. So, here we'll explain exactly how to watch CNN live anywhere in the world.

One cannot live off of news alone, though, so our best streaming VPN services will help you find the best service for all of your subscriptions. And, of course, for finding other news and entertainment, here's how to watch Fox News Live and how to watch NBC Live anywhere, too.

If you're in the USA, it couldn't be easier to watch CNN live. At home, if you pay for a cable or OTT subscription package that includes CNN, you can simply turn over to the channel on your TV. If you want to stream on your PC or mobile device, all you need to do is head over to the CNN website and sign in. Once you've done that, you'll be able to watch CNN live on the CNN Go app just as you would on your TV.

Things are a little different when you're outside the US. In some countries, you'll be able to watch a free live stream of CNN's news coverage, but this isn't available everywhere and doesn't provide such flexible coverage as the paid-for CNN Go service. If you have cable or an OTT provider like Sling and you're out of the US, the most efficient way of getting access is to use the best VPN to change your location. All you need to do is select a US VPN server, then head over to the CNN website as if you were back home. Then sign in with your details, and get watching.