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Feel free to post a message or read what all we are talking about.  Most topics here will involve information pertaining to the reenacting world and WWII history.  Though any radical or distasteful post will be deleted as soon as possible.  Come in with a light hearted attitude and a will to learn.

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Packing List (Normandy D-Day)

This is from Cpl. Shaw of the 507th PIR

Main and Reserve chute
helmet, wool knit cap
fatigue suit,
summer underwear
2 Pr. Socks
jump boots
rain coat
dog tags
2 bars of soap
1 can of tooth powder
1 tooth brush
1 razor + 5 blades
1 towel
1 can of tobacco
4 packs of ciggarettes
4 candy bars
6 D-Rations
3 K-Rations
1 picture
1 sheet of V-Mail
3 pencils
1 pen
1 carbine + case
9 clips of ammo...135 rnds of Ammo
1 pistol + holster
36 rnds of ammo
3 fragmentation grenades
2 white phosphorus grenades
1 orange smoke gernade
1 gammon gernade
1 parachutists knife
1 trench knife
1 hunting knife
1 shovel + case
1 pr. of wire cutters
1 compass + case
2 maps
1 pistol belt
1 pr. of suspenders
1 pr. of gloves horse hide
2 pings
1 watch
1 notebook
1 canteen
gun cleaning equipment
1 can of oil
emergancy heat units
delousing powder
halezone tablets
sulphur diazine tablets
2 first aid kits
gas mask
BAL ointment
gas capes
M4 ointment