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Headquarters, D Company
506th Parachute Infantry
101st Airborne Division
APO 472, N.Y.

3 March 1944

To the men of the DOG Company:

SUBJECT: Commander’s Corner- May/June

Greetings to the Soldiers of DOG Company!

I know it has been a while since the last Commander’s Corner and I apologize. I will be getting help for future updates from our members!

A lot has happened since the last update. We had an absolutely superb time fighting the GOTHIC LINE in Italy last October as members of the famous 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion. I appreciate all the commitment and hard work that went into developing your 509th Impression. Paul Madden took exceptionally good photos of us! I also want to comment on the field performance on our unit. The tactical movement and employment was outstanding! You moved like a unit, each soldier, with very few exceptions, knew his responsibilities. For the first time we operated with a sniper and two squads- and it worked! Corporal Ferguson did well as our scout/sniper and Andy and Andre preformed well as squad leaders. We’ll be able to tell the stories of capturing the German field piece and our successful ambush for a many years.

Also during the fall and early winter members participated in an event at Ft. Campbell and Camp Forrest, and an Eastern Front event in Columbia, Kentucky.

Our capstone event for the winter was certainly the Camp Forkum event in February that began on Thursday evening for many of us and continued through Sunday as we battled the elements and the Germans in the Winter Offensive and Heady’s singing! Thanks go out to everyone who made that such a “smashing” success! We owe our First Sergeant our gratitude for bringing his tents, stove, and support materiel to the event! Sergeant Witt reports that is was 11 degrees out on Sunday morning when he left! Baker Company, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th ID did a good job. We possibly could have done without the live entertainment on Saturday evening!

This winter has been a real hallmark for DOG Company as we pass our fourth anniversary, formalize our organization by establishing DOG Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (REENACTED) as a federally recognized non-profit organization, and establish a “real” bank account!

Finally, I’d like to proudly announce the additions to our ranks of new members- Brandon and Chris! I also want you to join me on again congratulating Larry Workman, David Brackett, and Andy Witt on their recent promotions.

Last, but not least, we need to ask our members who have not paid their 2007 Annual Dues to please send them to us so we can bring our records up to date. The dues are a modest $20 per year. Also beginning this month we are proud to offer some items of USGI equipment for sale as a means to raise funds for unit purchase- specifically an M1 Rifle. The following items are offered to members and friends, all profits from the sale of these items will be deposited into our unit fund. The records are available for inspection at any time.

1) WWII M1 Carbine Cleaning Rod Set, Unissued, $10 each
2) M1 Carbine Rubber Magazine Covers, Unissued, $.60
3) M1 Garand Winter Trigger, Unissued, $8 each

There will be an email on the Unit Purchase of Equipment as discussed at Camp Forkum. These items will not be sold to raise funds for the unit, but will be sold at cost as a benefit to our members. They include: Luminescent Disks $8, Bandoliers with cardboard inserts $8, Leather palmed wool gloves $15, Sterling “Gaunt” design pin back jump wings $22, M2 Switchblades $40.

Keep safe!

Bill Ferguson