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Feel free to post a message or read what all we are talking about.  Most topics here will involve information pertaining to the reenacting world and WWII history.  Though any radical or distasteful post will be deleted as soon as possible.  Come in with a light hearted attitude and a will to learn.

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Catoosa event September 28th -30th

One of our favorite events is coming up this September. Start making your plans now. Post all you hear about it here.

Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th

I am being told this event is cancelled now.

Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th

Ok I stand corrected if you have not seen Bill's latest eail about this event contact him. It seems there will be a Catoosa.

Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th

The National Military History Association is pleased to announce
Breakout at Anzio, which will be held at the Catoosa National Guard
Training Site located in Ringgold GA. on September 28-30, 2007. The
Battle Fee is $15.00 at the gate. There will be armor present and all
vehicle owners are encouraged to attend. Battle fee will be waived
for any vehicle owner that brings their vehicle to participate in the
tactical. Accommodations This is a barracks event, so bring your
linens and other barracks accessories As with previous years, NO tent
camping will be permitted. There are a number of hotels in Ringold
and Dalton, both of which are about 10 miles away from the site.

The BATF Address is:

National Guard Training Site
43 Pistol Range Rd.
Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755

Ringgold, Ga. is located in N.W. Ga. just off of Interstate 75, at
exit 345, US-Hwy 41 toward Ringold 1 mile then turn right on Hwy 2,
drive about 2 miles and the post is clearly visible on the left. We
will have event signs posted along the highways. Like last year, the
gates will close and registration will end at 8:30am Saturday
morning. Pre- registration is not required.

Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th


This will be an Italian Front battle. A modified form of the Graef
Combat System will be used to score the event and determine the
winning side. Umpires will be used. There will be objectives for each
side to achieve to gain points, Command posts etc. Non period radios
will be restricted for use by the judges . The post has an extensive
road network, so vehicle owners are encouraged to attend. Impressions
ORGANIZERS. All Allied and Axis impressions are allowed.

more info can be found on our web site at
email me with any questions at

Vendors are invited to attend and should contact us reserve a space.

Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th

Start getting your 509th impression ready fellas we will be using them for this event.

Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th

Does anyone know the best place to get 509th patches? Also, I've been looking into repainting my helmet but I cant find a consistent gingerbread man style. Some are red, some are white, and some are really fat short little gingerbread men. Do we all want to try and have the same style helmet markings?


Re: Catoosa event September 28th -30th

I think some of us have them as yellow and orange...really its your preference. I know the signified different companies but I don't have a list of exact colors...I think a lot used what ever paint they could find.