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Feel free to post a message or read what all we are talking about.  Most topics here will involve information pertaining to the reenacting world and WWII history.  Though any radical or distasteful post will be deleted as soon as possible.  Come in with a light hearted attitude and a will to learn.

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Repro Rations

Check this some ideas and for those who don't have the time to make them heres a source....

Re: Repro Rations

Not bad but I think we can make some of those. Top sent me some labels he made that I use. I think they look pretty good. There is some other guy on the net that I seen and he makes some really nice ration cans. I forget his name or site at the moment. BTW, incredible pics of the jeep going to Nashville.

Re: Repro Rations

Yeah I had one awesome time too bad you don't live there anymore would of picked you up for a Yeah I seen those cans too. I need to get some for my crate.